The best excursions from New York

The tourist offer in New York is so wide that it is always worth planning your visit. This city offers activities for the whole family and for all types of tourists. Whether you are lovers of culture, urban landscapes or sports, we want to show you some of the best excursions from New York so that your visit is as complete as possible.

The options are numerous: from visiting some of its most characteristic neighborhoods such as Brooklyn to flying over Manhattan by helicopter, see Niagara Falls or stroll through Washington DC. In addition, all the excursions from New York that we present below are available in Spanish. This way we will make sure not to miss a single detail.

1. Niagara Falls: one of the best excursions from New York

One of the most demanded excursions from New York is the visit to Niagara Falls. With time, we can visit its two viewpoints and admire one of the most impressive wonders of nature in the world. In addition, boat tours are offered, as well as other activities for the more adventurous and sporty.


It is advisable to book a flight to visit the falls in advance so that you have more time once you are there. However, they can also be reached by bus.

2. Visit Cold Spring

In the Hudson Valley is Cold Spring, one of the most charming towns in the United States. We will be able to walk through its main street, full of antique shops, and try some typical dishes of the region in its restaurants.

Also, Excursions are offered for lovers of climbing, like climbing the neighboring mountains. If what you are looking for is to forget about the hustle and bustle of New York, we recommend you contemplate the beautiful views from the valley and the Hudson River.

3. Excursion to Philadelphia and the Amish Country

For history buffs, the city of Philadelphia is a must-see. This is the city where independence from Great Britain was declared. Here you’ll see landmarks and landmarks such as the Liberty Bell, Christ Church Cemetery, and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Also in the city are the famous stairs from the movie Rocky.

After visiting the city, The excursion will take us to Lancaster, known as one of the Amish regions. Visiting and meeting these citizens with their customs and life away from technology is quite a cultural experience.

3. Washington DC, a classic in excursions from New York

White House

on this excursion we will be able to see and photograph the White House and the United States Capitol, two of its most emblematic buildings. In the same way, during the tour we can visit other places of interest such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Air and Space Museum or the Arlington Cemetery.

for this trip it is recommended to use the train from Pennsylvania Stationalthough we can also go by bus if what we are looking for is a cheaper means of transport.

4. Excursions from New York: Bear Mountain

If what you are looking for is to enjoy nature, you can do it on an excursion from New York. You’ll find several hiking trails at Bear Mountain State Parkon the west bank of the Hudson River.

It is very popular not only among landscape lovers, but also among families, who come to see the snow and enjoy the skating rinks. The tours have a maximum duration of three hours on foot and the park can be reached in just a couple of hours by bus.

5. tours by helicopter

This tour, which we recommend going during the last hours of the morning, takes place in the southern part of the island of Manhattan. The duration of the flight is about 20 minutes and offers stunning views of the entire city. One of the most recommended excursions for photography lovers. Also, its price is quite affordable.

6. tours of contrasts

The Contrasts Tour is the most famous and demanded excursion in New York. It is perfect to have a first contact with the most remote areas of the city such as Harlem, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.

The bus will tour the most emblematic streets and places of these districts while the guide informs tourists about history, curiosities and anecdotes. The duration is about 5 hours and at the end there is the opportunity to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and try one of the famous Grimaldi’s pizzas.

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