The best low cost airlines in the world

airlines low cost have become a real boom all over the world. It is not for less. Some of them are fabulous, not only because of their price, but because they offer services of remarkable quality. They make the cost/benefit equation fully balanced.

In fact, these airlines low cost they are an excellent alternative to fly around the world. There are many travelers who do not care about first class on large airlines. They often cost two or three times more than the low cost. But the difference in quality is not two or three times better.

Here a caveat must be made. Low-cost airlines are not the same as marginal and unknown airlines. In the latter case, care must be taken, since many times its low price is due to flaws in the operation.

That said, there are airlines that pretty much have it all: they’re cheap, good, and reliable. Every year, the skytrax auditor make the ranking of the best airlines low cost of the world. These were the results of 2018.

Top 10 airlines low cost of the world

In increasing order, from ten to one, the best airlines low cost of the world, according to Skytrax, they are as follows:

  • scooter: subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. It basically operates in Singapore, India and China. It works since 2012.
  • Eurowings: is based in Dusseldorf, Germany. It depends on Lufthansa and carries out flights in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. It has been in operation since 1993, but underwent a major transformation in 2014.
  • southwest Airlines: Headquartered in Dallas (United States). It is one of the largest in the world, by fleet and number of passengers. Flies to 65 destinations in the United States.
  • Indigo: It is a local airline of India that has had a great growth since its creation, in 2006. It flies to 17 destinations in India.
  • WestJet: a Canadian airline that offers flights to North and Central America. Also to Canadian destinations. It is the second largest airline in Canada. It has been operating since 1996.
  • AirAsiaX: AirAsia franchise, based in Kuala Kampur (Malaysia). It is the largest airline low cost from Asia. It has an alliance with Virgin Group and Air Canada. Fly to Australia, China, India, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Jet Star Airways: Based in Australia, it is a subsidiary of Qantas. It has flights to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Europe and the United States.
  • EasyJet: British airline based in London, operating since 1995. It flies to almost all of Europe. Also to Egypt, Morocco, Israel and Turkey.
  • Norwegian: It is the third largest low-cost airline in Europe. It has been operating since 1993, based in Norway. It flies to Europe, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Singapore and Argentina.
  • AirAsia: It became synonymous with quality. Founded in 1993, it is based in Malaysia. It flies practically all over Asia. Also to Australia, New Zealand, France and the United Kingdom.

airlines low cost in Latin America

As is evident, low-cost airlines in Latin America are not on the list of the best. It is a modality that is just beginning to gain a foothold on the continent. However, it is growing significantly.

Although there is no official list of these airlines, it can be stated that the best known and most reliable are the following:

  • Blue Airlines: Brazilian. He travels to all of Brazil, to Miami and to Lisbon.
  • Goal: also Brazilian. Travel to all of Brazil, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and Suriname.
  • Volaris: Mexican. Flies to Mexico, the United States and Central America.
  • Long live Colombia: flies to Colombia, Lima, Quito, Miami and Panama.
  • InterJet: Mexican. It flies to Mexico, the United States, Costa Rica, Cuba, Colombia and Peru.
  • long live aerobus: Mexican. Operates only in Mexico.
  • Easyfly: Colombian. It only operates locally.
  • Sky Airlines: Chilean. Fly to Lima, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Montevideo and Mendoza.
  • southwest Airlines: USA. It flies to the US, Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico and Cuba.
  • Virgin America: USA. It flies to the US, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica and Cuba.
  • Air Canada Rouge: Flies to Canada and the Caribbean.
  • FrontierAirlines: USA. It flies to the US, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico.
  • Spirit Airlines: USA. Fly to the US, Central and South America.

With this extensive list, you already have where to start looking for the trip of your dreamswithout worrying that money is an obstacle.

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