The best medieval towns in Europe

Knowing some European towns with medieval charm is essential to enjoy a quiet vacation as a couple or as a family.

Many people often enjoy traveling through different towns in Europe and take advantage of its charm to relax on vacation. There are some towns with a fabulous medieval looksince they have been preserved over time and it is one of the proposals to be able to enjoy excellent vacations and it is a way of traveling through time and being able to see old buildings and streetsamong many other attractions.

A medieval town in France is Carcassone, interesting to take a walk on vacation and enjoy the walls that are still present in the area. It is best to take advantage of spring, due to the lower number of tourists and the good temperatures that you will be able to find in the town and enjoy a very quiet ride.

Charming towns in Europe

In Spain we have the medieval town of Besalú, which is considered one of the most beautiful in this area of ​​the country. Offers visitors the typical narrow streets where you can walkthe old buildings and classic squares where you can sit and rest after the walk. It is a real wonder to have the opportunity to meet him on the next getaway you make as a couple.

Guimaraes in Portugal It is one of those towns with medieval charm that you should visit on your next vacation, with a nice little historic center where you can take a walk and enjoy the old typical houses dating from medieval times. By the way we can take advantage of the trip to get to know the typical gastronomy of the area.

San Gimignano in Italian Tuscany It is another of those towns that you should not miss out on, as well as being beautiful, it is a magical place with medieval charm that is really worth a visit. The historic center is World Heritage and it is possible to know different medieval towers that have been able to survive until today. For many couples it is a site that is really satisfying.

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