The best musicals in London: useful information and billboard

There is no doubt that the capital of England is one of the most emblematic in Europe. So much so, that it even has a neighborhood located to the west of the city, called West-End, where most of the theaters are, where you can see the best musicals in London.

Thus, life in the neighborhood is very lively, since It is the largest theater district in the world. and the capital of commercial theater in Europe. Bounded by the streets of Oxford Street, Regent Street and the Covent Garden area.

It should be noted that the elites of the city reside in the West-Endand it is within the district of Westminster, which has the two main institutions of the Anglo-Saxon country: the Palace of Westminster, seat of the two chambers of the British Parliament, and Westminster Abbey, where marriages and coronations are celebrated real.

The best musical works you can see in London

If cultural activities are your thing, you cannot miss some of the most famous musical works. Surely they sound familiar to you, if not all of them, most of them, because they are the most recognized wherever you go throughout the Old Continent:

  • The Lion King It has positioned itself as one of the best productions in the history of musicals. It is an ideal show for adults and children of the family. This Disney classic has an impressive staging, with exceptional set design and a body of dance.
  • The Phantom of the Opera tells the story of a mysterious masked character who lives in the catacombs of the Paris Opera. It is based on the classic novel by Gaston Leroux. It is a story of tragedy and passions with a surprising soundtrack and a staging that has earned it countless international awards.
  • Aladdin It is based on the story of Arabian Nightswith all the magic of the East and a magnificent staging. It surprises with its excellent lighting and its special effects, like Aladdin and Jasmin flying on the magic carpet above the stage. Amazing pyrotechnics and levitation effects are employed in the appearance of the genie from the lamp. On stage, singers, dancers, actors and acrobats appear with costumes and characterizations that make Aladdin an unforgettable music
  • Mamma Mia is a musical based on the original songs of the Swedish group Abba. It has been triumphing in theaters around the world since 1999, and tells the story of a daughter about to get married, while her mother is visited by three former lovers who try to win her over. With a dose of humor Mamma Mia is an emotional musical in which family, love and friendship are highlighted through Abba’s best-known songs.
  • Matilda It has been performing in London since 2014 with enormous critical and box office success, and it is that It has 50 international awards. Based on the novel by Roald Dahl, and adapted to its musical version by Dennis Kelly, children and adults alike will be enchanted by the story of this very special girl with an extraordinary imagination. Feeling like a nuisance to her parents, who don’t understand her, Matilda’s life changes when she discovers that she has a very special power. It is a work that transmits values ​​such as friendship, loyalty, the importance of studying and learning, and also gives a voice to the little ones.

Besides, the well-known neighborhood of Soho is part of the West-End, and offers an enormous diversity of entertainment options, with numerous restaurants and bars. It is common for Londoners and tourists, who attend shows in this area, to have dinner in a restaurant before the Show and, later, go to one of the bars to end the night.

Seeing musicals doesn’t require waiting in long lines

To see musicals in London you don’t have to ‘swallow’ endless queues. Plan and buy your tickets online for the day that best suits you. That yes, even with you ticket in the hands, come in

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