The best of Malaysia: essential stops

Malaysia is one of the most recommended destinations for nature lovers. Although it is true that other nearby countries such as Thailand or Indonesia are more popular, visiting the best of Malaysia is still a highly recommended option due to its wide tourist offer.

We want to bring you closer to some of its most beautiful and well-known corners. Join us to discover the best of Malaysia and tour with us those essential stops in this Southeast Asian country.

1. The capital, among the best of Malaysia

The first obligatory stop if we want to know the best of Malaysia is to know its capital. In Kuala Lumpur we will discover one of the most multicultural cities on the planet. Proof of this are some of its best-known neighborhoods, such as Chinatown, famous for its night market, or Little India, which has parks of great beauty.

Here are the famous Petronas Twin Towers, one of the largest financial centers in the world. In addition to being the headquarters of large companies and having many offices, around it there are also hotels, restaurants and modern shopping centers with the latest advances in technology and where we will find luxury items at good prices.

Finally, We should not leave the capital of the country without visiting the Batu cave, one of the best known Hindu shrines. Located just over 10 kilometers from the city center, it has a 42-meter-high statue of the god Murugan located at the entrance. To reach it we must climb more than 270 steps.

2.Cameron Highlands

Our second stop, if we are lovers of natural landscapes, is to visit Cameron Highlands. Here different routes are offered that will take us through its thick and green jungles or to tour its large tea or strawberry plantations. We will also have the opportunity to see on our tour one of the largest flowers in the world: the rafflesia.

If you are a hiking lover, We recommend you do some of the routes offered from the town of Tanah Rata. We highlight route number 1, which leads to the Mossy Forest, a forest completely covered by moss and that looks like something out of a fantasy book.

Also, You can spend the night in the town of Tanah Rata. It is located about four hours by bus from Kuala Lumpur and offers services to live an experience closer to the traditional culture of Malaysia.

3. The Taman Negara National Park

Following the route of the best of Malaysia, and without straying too far from the Cameron Highlands, we find the Taman Negara National Park. This protected area has a jungle that has been inhabited by man for more than two millennia.

The best way to visit it is from the small town of Kuala Tahan, which is located at the entrance of the park. Here we can take several routes and tours for the whole family. For the more adventurous, routes of several days through the jungle are offered.

on the visit you will be surprised by its spectacular network of suspension bridges, located more than 40 meters high. These are known as the Canopy Walk and are one of the most photographed postcards. Another curious fact is that some small redoubts of the indigenous tribes of the area still live within the park.

4. The city of Georgetown, also among the best of Malaysia

Another of the essential stops is to travel to the island of Penang. It is linked to Malaysia through a long bridge and has one of the most picturesque cities in the country. The city Georgetown has a characteristic colonial style due to its history. Its British-style buildings stand out for their bohemian style compared to other more modern buildings.

The city is not only known for its peculiar architecture, but also because It is considered the cradle of traditional Malaysian cuisine. We should not miss the opportunity to eat at some of their street stalls and try their spicy dishes. Among the best-known streets for food lovers, we highlight Lebug Keng Kwee Street.

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