The best plans to enjoy Las Vegas

It is the city of fun and debauchery. Entertainment, games and anything else related to leisure are here much more than guaranteed. But can you imagine everything you can do to enjoy Las Vegas? Come with us, We tell you the best plans to have fun in this city.

A thousand ways to enjoy Las Vegas

The fame of this city is such that even its entrance sign says “Welcome to the fabulous city of Las Vegas, Nevada”. It is special, and its inhabitants know it. For this reason, they take advantage of every corner to make travelers like you, who choose it for their vacations, take full advantage of it.

There are endless ways to enjoy Las Vegas. Plans for all tastes and even for all ages. Some are free, others are very expensive and others can give you both joy and disappointment. Of all the possibilities, we want to highlight just a few.

See the Bellagio fountain show

If there is a show that you cannot miss in Las Vegas, and that is also free, this is it. From three in the afternoon to eight at night and every half hour the dance of the water of this fountain begins. And he does it to the rhythm of the most classic songs like Titanics, for instance.

Once you sit down to watch it you won’t be able to leave, you will want to see what the next movement of water and lights will be. It is a vice! Like almost everything that happens in Las Vegas.

Very close to the source are the gardens of the Bellagio Hotel. This is one of the most famous hotels in the city, and in its gardens you can walk among flower figures that are changed every few months. It is possible that when you visit there is a floral theme that surprises you.

Take photos of the Eiffel Tower

No, we have not gone crazy, we know that we are in Las Vegas and not in Paris. In this city you will find a scale copy of the famous French monument. From the lake of the Bellagio Hotel is where you will get the best perspective, although the tower belongs to the Paris Las Vegas hotel.

It is not as tall as the French tower (it is half as tall), but you can also climb to its top. And from it you can contemplate one of the best views of the city.

Visit the Excalibur Hotel

This could be cataloged, by far, as one of the most unique hotels in the city. All of it is inspired by the castle of Camelot of King Arthur. They want it to be so real, that even at the entrance you can find the royal guard. Incredible!

Go shopping

The most famous soft drink in the world, Coca-Cola has its own store in Las Vegas. In it you can buy the souvenirs more unique than you can imagine. You can also try various drinks, exclusive to certain countries, which are manufactured by this brand.

Do you fancy a fun plan to buy different clothes? You can buy them most original socks at Las Vegas Sock Market. There you will find the most incredible models of socks you have ever seen. When you return home, you will be the envy of your friends every time you wear them.

See one of the exclusive shows

One of the most typical ways to enjoy Las Vegas is to see one of the many shows that are offered there. Y there are all kinds: circus, musical, magic… Even the little ones can have fun in this city.

In many cases they are unique shows, which you can only see here. This is what happens with the one offered by Cirque du Soleil, which has permanent headquarters in Las Vegas. Tickets are not cheap, but it will be worth it.

play in a casino

We couldn’t talk about ways to enjoy Las Vegas without mentioning its casinos. You have to try the experience of playing in one of them, even if it is little money. Of course, enter with an amount that you can bet and do not spend more than what you have marked.

Here are some of the ways you can enjoy Las Vegas. Nevertheless, when you get to the city you will see that the possibilities are almost endless. Don’t you feel like starting to prepare for your trip now?

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