The best spas in Cantabria: Total relaxation!

No territory is better than Spain to delight yourself with nature, good gastronomy and the best artistic expressions. However, some places in this territory have a charm that exceeds all expectations. Among those places is Cantabria.

Cantabria, part of the Camino de Santiago, is characterized —among many other things— by maintaining a beautiful tradition of tourism and well-being, reinforced by magnificent complexes that offer programs and treatments for vital care.

So, for the sake of helping you escape from the hectic lifestyle of big cities and modernity, in In this article we will introduce you to some of the best spas in Cantabriastarting, of course, with the La Hermida Spa and the Puente Viesgo Spa.

Recover from stress and fatigue in the best spas in Cantabria

1. La Hermida Spa

This spa is located on Crta La Hermida a Potes, in the municipality of Peñarrubia. This establishment is surrounded by history and tranquility. Considered as a 4 star hotel, La Hermida spa offers extensive experiences, spaces and treatments to ensure the relaxation of its clients.

Located in a mountain village, its landscape is truly spectacular. Cobbled streets, mountain formations, nature and incredible gastronomy are part of the daily life of those who visit it.

The circuit of this spa It has a heated thermal pool, indoor and outdoor pools, bithermal showers, saunas, Turkish baths, contrast pools, among many other services.

In addition, you can enjoy important tourist sites such as the monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana, the Torre del Infantado or the Picos de Europa.

2. Puente Viesgo Spa

best spas in Cantabria

The Puente Viesgo spa is located in the Toranzo Valley. Its circuit is surrounded by hills, forests and a fantastic spring of thermal and mineral waters. I know characterized by having a complete thermal circuitmade up of an indoor pool (with various types of jets), a jacuzzi and a cold well, hand in hand with a large circuit of saunas.

This is a 4 star spa that offers health treatments (mud-therapy or hydrotherapy techniques), beauty and relaxation treatments.

3. Castilla thermal spa of Solares

best spas in Cantabria

The next of the best spas in Cantabria has its origins in the 19th century. The spa is fed by water from the Fuentecaliente spring. These waters —bicarbonated, chlorinated, calcium and sodium— are the most indicated for digestive, metabolic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic treatmentsamong others.

One of the great potentialities of the Solares spa is the Hidrópolis. This is a huge thermal water tank. This contains approximately 850,000 liters of liquid. Its large size is ideal for swimming and rest.

Its charm is complemented by the beautiful hundred-year-old trees that surround it.

4. Hotel Felisa Spa

best spas in Cantabria

Hotel Felisa Spa has a beautiful dynamic pool, a cold water pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, Roman bath, among many others. Among its treatments it offers relaxing massages, volcanic stones, Swedish sedative, body peeling treatments, etc.

This is a 4-star establishment located in Queveda, Santillana del Mar. Here you can enjoy beautiful sea and mountain landscapes.

5. Hotel Reserva del Saja

best spas in Cantabria

The last of the best spas in Cantabria is an ecological hotel, with a European certificate of environmental excellence. Located at the foot of the Saja nature reserve, It has a complete thermoludic or ludicothermal circuit and a footbath. In addition, it offers its visitors access to a dry or Finnish sauna and a wet sauna.

Although this concludes our selection, be sure to discover this more extensive list with the most interesting spas and resorts by visiting the Spa’Relajarse website.

Now tell us, how did you like our selection of the best spas in Cantabria? Which of these would be your next choice? Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit, swimming cap and the best energy to spend a few relaxing and fun days in any of these places. Before you go, let us know all your opinions and comments. We are looking forward to reading you!