The best temples to enjoy in Thailand during

Thailand is a very popular Asian country thanks to the wide variety of temples found inside, one of the great attractions for travelers.

thailand It is a truly outstanding Asian country among international travelers, a place that is always worth visiting and is especially attractive for couples to discover their attractions. The great variety of gastronomic proposals, the temples and different natural corners such as the beaches stand out, which is something very interesting. From Tourism Thailand they offer us a wide variety of alternatives.

One of those temples to take into account is the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew, which is the Temple of a million bottles. This name is due to the fact that it is made with more than a million glass bottles that have been recycled. The experience is well worth it for tourists who come to Sisaket as it is a beautiful Buddhist temple inside.

Another recommendation is Wat Pa Phu Kona temple that has the particularity of having a blue roof and a large statue of a Buddha made of marble, which usually attracts tourists who travel to this suggestive place.

The Tiger Cave Temple It is another of the highlights, thanks to the fact that it has a statue of a giant Buddha in the temple. It is also interesting to keep in mind the footprints in the stones of the tigers and of course its views, although to do so you must climb more than 1,200 steps.

The wat phra kaew It is another opportunity to see a typical Buddhist temple in Thailand, where color is one of the distinctive attractions, without forgetting its corresponding Buddha statue. You should also take into account the Wat Arún, interesting because it is known as the Temple of Dawn, a wonder that tourists should not miss.

One of the oldest temples is the wat phopopular thanks to the fact that it has a gigantic statue of a reclining Buddha about 46 meters long and is undoubtedly one of the most popular, so it is well worth keeping in mind.

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