The best things to do in Amsterdam

It is a favorite destination for many, for its hippie atmosphere, its canals and its history. It is the capital of the Netherlands, they say it is a young city because of the facilities it offers to all of them and also a unique place for tourists, because in Amsterdam there are dozens of things to do, many of them for free Are you coming with us to discover the city? We give you some tips and show you the best things to see and do if you decide to visit it.

To do in amsterdam

1. Ride a bike

Amsterdam – Andrii Lutsyk

The Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, always brings an image to mind: pedestrians on bikes. This is the best known and most used means of transport in the country. for its comfort, because the inhabitants love sports, because the city is flat and because it does not pollute.

If you’re going on vacation and you’re in shape or, better yet, if you want to get in shape, cycle through the city. Also, in Amsterdam there are hundreds of places to leave it and you can enjoy chatting and meeting others who do the same. There are more than 800,000 bicycles in the city!

2. Take a canal cruise


Not taking a canal cruise in Amsterdam would be like going to Venice and not riding a gondola. There is nothing better to understand the culture and history of the city Than float over the canals in a guided boat. You will be able to see the leaning houses near these up close and have a unique panorama of the Dutch capital.

You can choose between day or night cruisesalthough if you can do both, because the beautiful views are different but both are indescribable.


“An investment in a trip is an investment in yourself.”

-Matthew Karsten-

3. Try the herring

Street stall – Anton Havelaar /

Amsterdam is a port and maritime city so fresh fish is an important part of its gastronomy. Herring is the most famous, as might be salmon in Norway.

Therefore, trying the herring in the Dutch city is an essential that you must comply with. The best place to do this is at one of the traveling herring stalls in Amsterdam, where they can even make you a sandwich of this delicious fish accompanied with pickles and onions.

4. Beer tasting

Brewery – Winds /

Continuing on the gastronomic route, Dutch beer is one of the most famous in the world. In one of the mills, the Goyer, there is a craft beer factory where they will give you a tour of about 30 minutes and where you can see the entire process of making this golden drink.

Of course, you’ll then have the opportunity to taste this award-winning beer on a beautiful outdoor terrace, if you don’t go in winter, of course.

6. Go to a field of tulips

Field of tulips – Olena Z

Few people could say that they do not like this flower. Tulips fill the fields in the Netherlands with colour, and Amsterdam was not going to be less.

In just 20 minutes you will reach the tulip fields between Haarlem and Leidenwhere you will fill your retina with the colors that these flowers have and you will create an unforgettable memory in your mind and heart.

If you want to buy some or bulbs, the best place is the flower market. A floating market full of colors emitted by the different types of flowers that make it up. Just to see the market is worth going.

7. Go to Museumplein


This is the most famous square in the city and it is not for less since it is there where the Rijksmuseum, the largest art and history museum in the capital, the Van Gogh Museum or the Stedelijk Museum of modern art are located.

This square is the heart of Amsterdam, reference point and curfew for residents and tourists and, of course, a place to visit museums, eat, shop or even bathe your feet in its beautiful pond. And if you go in winter, you can even go ice skating!

What did you think of our visit to this wonderful city? As you see, Amsterdam has a lot to offerand we are sure that what you know about her now has whetted your appetite to go and meet her on your next vacation.

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