The best viewpoints in Costa Rica to enjoy its landscapes

Costa Rica offers a series of areas called viewpoints from where you can enjoy very interesting natural views throughout the country.

Many tourists seek the tranquility of certain places from where you can calmly observe the landscapes. In Costa Rica there are a number of unique viewpoints for all visitors to rest and enjoy truly appetizing views, which is one of the many attractions that this Central American country has, some are natural spaces and others are accommodations and establishments that offer a prominent site from where to look

A good suggestion is Orosi viewpoint, which allows couples and families to rest and observe attractive natural landscapes, have a picnic to eat outdoors and see everything that the Orosi Valley has to offer, which is one of the highlights of Costa Rica that is well worth keeping in mind. when traveling. From Conozcasucanton they invite us to know this place.

He too White Peak Lookout is another option. It is located in the Central Valley area, right in the city of Escazú and is one of the great wonders of the province of San José. In addition to seeing the best views, it is possible to stay in this area, go to its restaurant and bar, among other services so that customers can take advantage of their stay

No less interesting is the Quetzal Viewpoint, one of the options for travelers to discover the variety of fauna and flora, spectacular views and a route for hiking lovers. The name is due to the fact that you can see the famous Quetzal, in addition to finding accommodation and practicing trout fishing, which is another alternative.

The Blue Valley Viewpoint It is another of the alternatives within the capital, a place where you can enjoy the views and at the same time have good food, have different drinks and go with your family so that the experience is truly complete.

One of the recommendations to be able to see very beautiful views is in the Viewpoint Le Monasterea really elegant restaurant located in a very high area within Escazu in San Jose, from where you can enjoy views while you taste a really spectacular and very high quality food. The experience is well worth it.

Photo | Jorge Delgado-Flickr
Photo 2 | Rodtico21-Wikimedia

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