The best walking tours of London

London is a huge city with innumerable attractions. So our advice is to prepare the visit calmly and logically. In other words, the phrase “I want to see everything” is not applicable here. It is impossible to do it in a normal vacation period, it would take weeks and weeks. Therefore, if you plan your stay a little and prepare some walking tours of London, you will enjoy it more.

london walking

Given the enormous size of London, if we want to go to places that are very far from each other, we will have to resort to public transport and we can spend too much time on the tube or buses. So, as happens in all the great cities of the world, be it Paris, New York or Buenos Aires, Plan to make the most of your stay.

It is worth discovering part of the city on foot. So, We are going to give you a few ideas of possible walking tours of London. They are affordable and will allow you to discover many of the charms of the British capital.

1. From London Bridge to the Tower of London

The Thames is the axis that will guide us on this journey. In fact, we are going to start it on its waters. Not literally, but on London Bridge, taking in the sights around you and even the end of the route: the Tower of London. Although for views, the ones we can enjoy if from there we go to The Shard and go up to its 360 degree viewpoint.

Then we return to the riverbank to go to The Globe, the theater where some of his Shakespeare works premiered. Y very close is the Tate Modern, with its avant-garde exhibitions. As avant-garde as the Millennium Bridge designed by Norman Foster over the river to link that museum with the great St. Paul’s Cathedral on the other bank.

Once there, we began to tour this area of ​​the city in the direction of the Fire of London monument, evoking a devastating fire in the city. A place very close to the end of the route: the Tower of London. Definitely, It is a walk through the newest and the oldest in the city.

2. London Walking Tours: From Westminster to Trafalgar Square

Another route also steeped in history and London icons is the one that takes us from Westminster to Trafalgar Square. It is very short, but there is a lot to see. Already alone in Westminster we will have a good time between Big Ben, the Parliament and the famous abbey.

Take advantage of the fact that you are there to go to Downing Street, number 10, where the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom resides. And later, after crossing Saint James Park, you will reach Buckingham Palacewhere the queen lives Now you should go to The Mall to walk through her trees and head to Trafalgar Square.

This large square is the end point of this route. We haven’t walked much, but it’s here Two of the best museums in London await you, and both with free admission: the National Portrait Museum and the National Gallery.

3. From Regent’s Park to Candem Town: another London walking tour

The largest park in London is Hyde Park, but You should not miss a good walk in Regent’s Park. And even better if you start at the end of the Madame Tussauds museum, where the wax figures of the most unexpected personalities await you.

However, if you prefer to see something with much more life, Follow Regent’s Park to enter London Zoo. Animals from half the world are represented in it and it is an essential visit if you travel with children.

Although for curious fauna, the one that awaits you in the Candem Town neighborhood. It is the alternative neighborhood par excellence of the city, a paradise of the alternative and also of the geek. And speaking of geeksif you are a fan of Harry Potter, from Candem you can walk to the studios where many of the sequences of this film were shot.

4. An afternoon route from Piccadilly to Covent Garden

Here is a good proposal to go shopping one afternoon and drink the occasional beer in the pubs that will come your way. It is the route that passes through Sohofrom the famous screens of Piccadilly Circus to Covent Garden, strolling through the elegant streets of Regent St. and Oxford Street.

Just doing these four walking tours of London will walk a good number of kilometers. And even so, you will still have a lot to see in the English capital: the London Eye, the British Museum, Sherlock Holmes’s house, Nothing Hill, Portobello Road… As we said at the beginning: london is huge.

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