The Beylerbeyi Palace and the Eyüp neighborhood in Istanbul

Istanbul has wonderful places and one of them is the Beylerbeyi Palace. In the Asian part of the most multicultural city in the world, you can enjoy what was the residence of sultans since its construction in the mid-19th century. It is more modest than other palaces in the city, but just as beautiful.

But also, on the Asian side separated by the waters of the Bosphorus, and after crossing its famous bridge, you will also find other areas that are just as interesting, such as the Eyüp district. To immerse yourself in these neighborhoods is to do so in an important part of the history of the city.

Visit Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace

Once you cross the Bosphorus Bridge, the image of the Beylerbeyi Palace will start to make you fall in love. Already at the crossing of the strait, its exterior architecture will dazzle you, with the presence of bathing pavilions. There are two, one exclusively for women and the other for men.

The marble construction of this building attracts the interest of everyone who passes by. In the distance, as you cross the bridge, gives the impression that the Beylerbeyi Palace floats on the waters. A magnificent snapshot that falls in love with anyone who can enjoy it.

inside the palace

Interior of the Beylerbeyi Palace

If there is a room that stands out from the rest, that is the reception room. Its beauty is particular, because inside there is a fountain and a pond that attract all eyes of tourists. But when you visit the Beylerbeyi Palace you will see many other rooms and large rooms.

on the tour you will appreciate that the decoration comes from many different countries, although what most attracts attention are the large chandeliers. Keep in mind that the Beylerbeyi Palace was built as a residence for the sultans of the Ottoman Empire, hence its wealth.

Besides, in the building the presence of water is very important. It is full of ponds, fountains and pools. And it has a running water system that does double duty. Refresh the environment and as a particular ‘soundtrack’. The soothing sound of water is heard throughout the building and creates a unique atmosphere.


In the palace you must also discover its gardens. The decoration in them is also very careful, so they become a charming corner for tourists who come to the Asian part of Istanbul.

Get to know the Eyüp district

Eyup neighborhood

It is not one of the main tourist areas of Istanbul, but the Eyüp district will not leave you indifferent. Its main monument is the mosque that bears the same name. In it you will be aware of the strong religious feeling of the population in this area.

As for its history, this mosque has a very particular one. Muhammad’s standard bearer is supposed to be buried here, Ayyub Al-Ansari. It is thought that he died in this place in the 7th century. But it was several centuries later, in the fifteenth, when a sultan found the tomb and ordered the mosque to be built in its place.

This mosque, like others, you can visit, as long as it is not prayer time. Inside, you will be amazed by its wonderful aesthetics, which conveys a feeling of purity thanks to the white color of marble.

Eyup Cemetery

Eyüp Cemetery – Maria /

In the Eyüp neighborhood, its cemetery also stands out. The area was used as a burial place after the construction of the mosque. Many people wanted to be buried next to the place where Ayyub Al-Ansari remains.

In this way, the mountain where it is located becomes a very unique graveyard. The sculptures and the tombstones themselves remain in the open airin front of anyone. Many Muslims go to this place to pray at the mosque, but also thousands of tourists.

Cemeteries are sometimes a destination sought by travelers who appreciate the beauty of these places. And, in this sense, the one in Eyüp has a particular charm due to the area in which it is located.

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