The black theater and the puppet theater in Prague

Black theater and puppet theater in Prague are very special types of theatre. It is about different ways of acting, which are part of the life of this city. Such performances take place every day, and going to one of these theaters is one of the best ways to get to know the culture of this town. Will you accompany us to a performance?

What is the Prague puppet theater?

The puppet theater is one of the most unique in this city. It consists of a theatrical performance through the use of puppets that are masterfully moved by threads.

Princesses, knights, puppeteers and pets… all dressed, made-up and hairstyles down to the smallest detail, which have always caused great expectation among the local and visiting public.

In fact, there are some puppet theaters like the one that tells the story of don giovanniwhich have been performing for years. It is a fun adaptation of Mozart’s work that, precisely, he composed in this city in the Czech Republic, and which has become a classic since its first performance in 1991.

The same goes for the story of the Magic Fluteby the same author, which is performed at the National Theater in Prague. These are two works whose protagonists are the Prague puppets, an artisan element that you can find in craft shops and souvenirs from the historic center, or in the popular district of Mala Strana.

The origin of this theater

The puppet theater has its origins in the 16th century, and today it is one of the most common in the city. As its name suggests, it is performed with puppets and its shows are very special.

It seems that the puppets came to the city from the English, and it was the Czechs who took them to their maximum splendor. as a form of entertainment, Itinerant companies began to appear that carried the representations throughout the country. Its success was such that many families began to make these peculiar characters.

Besides, thinkers and intellectuals saw in this type of theater a good way to value local culture. Since then, the puppets with which the representations are made are very elaborate and there is a whole world of craftsmen behind them.

Currently, hundreds of families are dedicated to the manufacture of puppets and puppets, a knowledge that is inherited from father to son. In 1922, Prague was the place chosen to establish the International Union of Puppetry, which further promoted this popular art.

What is the black theater in Prague

Another of the most important theaters in Prague is the black theater. Is about a very original type of theatre, which takes place in the dark and that is based on the inability of the human eye to distinguish black figures on a black background.

In the black theater in Prague, the stage is dark, the room is dark, the curtain is black and the actors are dressed in black. Only some figures and objects are luminous, and the fact that everything else is dark produces the optical effect that luminous objects move on their own.

In this way, floating objects, characters moving in the most incredible way and a lot of fluorescence make up the various scenes of the play.

It is a type of theater whose origin is found in imperial China, but that has had its maximum development and splendor in Prague. In this city began to improve acrobatics and the movement of illuminated objects.

It is for this reason that, when talking about black theater, the first thing that comes to mind is the black theater of the Czech capital. The most famous of all.

Besides, in this kind of theatre, music is essential to tell the story that you want to show the viewers. It is because the actors do not speak and there is no background narrator to show what is happening, but this theater is silent.

In short, this is something that visitors to the city like very much, as they are not forced to know several languages ​​in order to understand a play. It is a highly recommended experience for everyone!

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