The Cavern Pub (Liverpool) The start of the famous The Beatles

The Cavern Pub, Legendary

The city of Liverpool, still remains to this day, for its quartet more famous and universal as they are the musical group The Beatles who began their adventures in The Cavern Pub.

The Liverpool 4, have been, are and will be the standard-bearers of this beautiful city and his music lives on in any corner.


His songs and his art are already world heritagebut it is clear that Liverpool deserves the honor of having much of its lyrics and its melodies in custody.

Visiting the city where they were born clearly obliges them to delve a little deeper into their lives, their favorite places, where they were inspired and composed but above all that locals saw them grow as artists.

Thanks to many of these Pub’s and Club’s The Beatles, became a Social phenomenon and the musical group more influencer of history

The soul of The Beatles lives

The soul of The Beatles lives

Among the locals who saw them “play” stands out The Cavern Pub.

The Cavern, is a unavoidable point of visitduring a stay in Liverpool , since it was one of the “cribs” of the Beatles and where they used to delight their fans with their songs.

Currently , The Cavern Pub breathes music and beyond living on memory , has managed to the legend of this quartet stay there present.

In addition to this place, we leave you our list of the 20 best pubs in Liverpool where to drink and eat.

The place completely decorated on the occasion of its 4 most favorite artists, also houses clothing and instruments from other artists of the caliber of Michael Jackson or the very Elvis Presley.

michael jackson jacket

michael jackson jacket

East beatles Shrine, looks like a museum but where the music and the chords sound every Late night to the delight of visitors.

every day they are various artists who get on the small stage of The Cavern, to do play their guitars and sing songs by the Beatles and other groups.

John Lennon welcomes us

John Lennon welcomes us

The entry at The Cavern Pub, is free unlike its “sister” The Cavern Club, located opposite and which charges 5 Pounds to enter.

It’s one of the best places to watch live music in liverpool.

The Cavern Pub, is located in the neighborhood of The Cavern Quarter in Mathew St. number 5.

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