The cheapest beaches in Mexico and away from tourism

Enjoying the beaches of Mexico is reason enough to undertake a trip to this country. In fact, some of its beaches are the most visited in the entire continent, and even in the world. Those, of course, are the most expensive and crowded. But there are others much cheaper and with fewer crowds that can be real discoveries for the traveler.

Cheap beaches in Mexico

Obviously, the most tourist areas such as the Riviera Maya or the surroundings of Acapulco accumulate many of the most famous beaches in Mexico. Nevertheless, there are Mexican states that offer wonderful beaches, much cheaper and also less known. If you want to discover some of these paradises, read on:

Tecolutla in Veracruz

The state of Veracruz hides some of the best beaches in Mexico, which in many cases is only enjoyed by the local population. Therefore, they are always sites with less abusive prices and without too many crowds.

We highlight Tecolutla, an area surrounded by mangroves. There you can enjoy the beach, take boat trips and savor wonderful seafood.

Balandra Beach in Baja California Sur

Now it’s our turn to talk about a completely wild place. A place where you have to take everything you need, starting with water or food, and also take all the garbage that we generate.

But all that is worth seeing this place, a paradise of white sands and extraordinarily warm Pacific waters. By the way, be careful when bathing, because it is not strange that manta rays arrive there.

The Placita in Michoacan

Another beach on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and almost virgin. Although here there is a small restaurant to taste the local food. A paradise for those who seek to get away from the world. If you are traveling around the country with little money, this is a great example that you can enjoy the beaches of Mexico at very affordable prices.

Holbox in Quintana Roo

This island is the northernmost point of the state of Quintana Roo and the Yucatan Peninsula. It is true that it is constantly exploited by tourists and you can do all kinds of water sports, but everything is cheaper than just a few kilometers southwhere Cancun is located and the most famous part of the Riviera Maya begins.

Holbox is 43 kilometers long and barely 1.5 wide. It can only be reached by ferries that depart from the municipality of Chiquilá.

Carrizalillo Beach in Oaxaca

This beach is not very big, but its charm is gigantic. If you like adventure and snorkeling on the beaches of Mexico, this is the ideal place. You will have to arrive walking, but you can spend the night camping.

It seems incredible, but this paradise is relatively close to a place as well known as Puerto Escondido. It is therefore a good alternative.

Mouth of Iguanas in Jalisco

Some of the most exploited beaches in Mexico are in the state of Jalisco, specifically near Puerto Vallarta. Well, to the south of this first-class tourist focus, you can visit this much less traveled place. A wonderful beach and small hotels that offer very affordable prices await us there..

Tecoman in Colima

The state of Colima is neighbor to that of Jalisco. And also quite close to Boca de Iguanas is the area of ​​Boca de Pascuales. There is a beach with the same name as It is very popular with surfers.

And there are others such as El Real or Tecuanillo. and both offer a wonderful combination of coastline and tropical vegetationso you feel like an intrepid adventurer during your Mexican vacation.

Cabo Pulmo in Baja California Sur

Y we return to Baja California Sur to finish our proposals of the most unique beaches in Mexico. We are going to Cabo Pulmo, at the end of the Gulf of California.

A place that perhaps we should not name here to help preserve all its magic. However, on the other hand, if you get a chance do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this coast and, above all, dare to dive in its waters. You won’t forget it!

What do you think of these beaches in Mexico? Ready to enjoy any of them? They are authentic paradises where you can relax in peacewithout crowds and, in addition, at a more affordable price than in other areas of the country.

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