The church village with 424 wooden houses in Sweden

A village around a church. A small Swedish town that uniquely reflects the way of life and the characteristic appearance of the Swedish villages of yesteryear: a stone church with five centuries of history and surrounded by wooden houses that were used as “camp” the weekends, in a place of rural life, desolate and relatively isolated, especially because of the snow in winter.


The Church was the meeting and worship point, and the houses, the shelters that the parishioners used when they could not return to their homes due to the harsh weather. An intact site Gammelstad It has been incorporated into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Pure Nordic simplicity, beauty with its characteristic red wooden houses with white frames, so common in Scandinavian countries.

Till Westermayer

Till Westermayer



Till Westermayer

Teill Westermayer

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Pierre Mounier

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Pierre Mounier

This type of village was common in northern Scandinavia. To get there, you have to go to the city of Luleå, about 10 kilometers upstream from the river of the same name, and simply let yourself be enveloped by “time travel”.

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