The coldest city in the world

It would be necessary to prepare all the coats that we imagine, and we will still fall short. It is that it is about visiting nothing less than one of the populated places colder of the planet.

Verkhoyansk is located in Eastern Siberia, Russia, a city with 1,817 inhabitants that registers the lowest temperature in history for a stable population, therefore it is considered the coldest city in the world: February 7, 1892, with -69.8º. But not to despair, as the most normal temperatures for boreal winter in such latitudes average -46.2º in January. With which you have to forget to do any kind of outdoor activity.

The city also holds the Guinness record for the widest temperature range, registering the coldest in winter with -69.8º C and in summer a record temperature of 37º C, which represents an oscillation of no less than 106.8º C.

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