The Columbretes Islands, a protected area of ​​great value

The Columbretes Islands are one of those natural wonders that are still intact on the coast of the Community of Valencia. It is a tiny archipelago, but whose ecological value is incalculable.

This place is a treasure that anyone who spends a few days on vacation on the Castellón coast should visit. Not only to admire their beauty, but to understand that the conservation of these habitats, as precious as they are weak, is a task for the entire community.

The archipelago of the Columbretes Islands

When we think of Spanish Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, we usually evoke the Balearic Islands. However, there are more archipelagos of interest. Of course, these are much smaller spaces, such as the Island of Tabarca, in front of the Costa Blanca of Alicante, the Medes Islands in Catalonia or the Columbretes Islands themselves.

This group of the Columbretes Islands are at a considerable distance —more than 40 kilometers— from the coast of the province of Castellón, to which they belong. In fact, they are different islets that emerged to the surface about two million years ago, after various seismic and volcanic movements.


Of all these islets, the most prominent are Illa Grossa, Ferrera, Foradada or Cargallot.

How to get to the Columbretes

To visit the Columbretes Islands, there are several options. First of all, tourist boats set sail from various ports to discover this place.

The most common is to leave the closest, be it from the city of Castellón itself or from Oropesa. This will require us, depending on the boat and the state of the sea, between two and three hours of navigation; It will take longer if we embark in the ports of Valencia or Alcocebre.

remains of volcanoes

One of the most defining notes of the Columbretes is that there still we can discover the remains of the volcanic activity that gave rise to this archipelago as small as scattered.

Of course, today the remains of the craters or the volcanic chimneys that are seen are completely extinct, so there is no natural catastrophe to fear. Quite the contrary: it is a trip to enjoy nature in its purest form.

guided tours

To enjoy more of this extraordinary ecological wealth, the ideal is to resort to quality guided tour services. Thus, we can recognize countless animal and plant species.

Among the animal species, the many reptiles stand out. In fact, the name of Columbretes was given by the Romans, alluding to the many snakes that were here. There were so many that the islands were even burned to destroy them.

Fortunately, that is no longer done today; On the contrary, conservation regulations are very strict. It is the best way to become aware of the value they represent, which is so great that some tourists return with a certain dose of eco-anxiety, fully aware of the important role that human beings play in conserving the environment.

Diving in the Columbretes Islands

Strolling through the islands, among their fields of mastic, sea fennel and alfalfa trees, while Birds such as the Audouin’s gull or the Eleanor’s falcon are discovered, it is a real pleasure. If those tours on the surface are magnificent, the possible scuba dives can be even more spectacular.

There are possibilities to dive in the vicinity of the Columbretes to marvel at its coral bottoms. However, a certain degree of experience is required to hire these dives. If this is your case, sign up for this great place to dive.

If you spend a few days in the province of Castellón or touring the Valencian Community, look for specific information about these excursions. Fate will not let you down and you will see the less domesticated and more natural side of the Mediterranean Sea.

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