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The crab that amputates its claw to survive a pot of boiling water

A video shows the incredible moment in which a crayfish amputates its own pincer or claw to escape from a pot of boiling water. Since the heat has severely affected his claw, the only way to survive is to amputate his limb.

Some media, such as the Daily Mail, explain that it happened in a restaurant in China, where the crustaceans are cooked in front of the customers, who saw how the crustacean escaped. According to Taiwan News, one of the diners named Juike recorded the moment and posted it on Facebook. He himself, and not the cook, as other media say, adopted it.

Jiuke explained that he adopted the crab after being moved by its survival instinct. She took him home and raises him in an aquarium.


Can crabs regenerate their claws or any damaged limb?

The impressive answer is yes. They have the ability to regenerate. Crabs amputate a claw when they are in danger or escaping from a predator. The good news is that this crab will make a full recovery.

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