The Czech Republic already allows the entry of tourists from Spain

The Czech Republic will allow the entry of Spanish tourists after a negative PCR result and fill out an online form to submit it.

Spain is still one of the highest risk countries in terms of Covid-19 is concerned and therefore different countries still limit the entry of tourists from Spain. From the Czech Republic they have invited Spanish tourists to get to know the country, enjoy it and be able to travel quietly, as long as they meet a series of requirements for everyone’s safety.

Czech Republic is surely one of those charming destinations that everyone likes, especially as it offers a wealth of unique cultural and historical attractions. Now opens up the possibility visitors from high-risk countries can get to know the countryalways after fulfilling a series of requirements.

From September 21, visitors from countries considered high risk can enjoy czech republic throughout the holidays. Both the tourists from Spain as from other places, they must have a PCR test done to rule out Covid-19, 72 hours maximum before starting the trip.

Once the traveler takes the test and receives the results, they must fill out an online questionnaire. This way you receive an email with a QR codewhich will allow present it to the airport authorities. If the PCR test has not been previously carried out, it can also be done at the airport, although the process may be somewhat slower.

It is a way of avoiding a quarantine at the entrance of another country and thus not being able to enjoy it with peace of mind during the holidays. With a negative PCR testthe Spanish tourist will be able to enjoy freely and with the restrictions common to the rest of travellers, of all the czech republic charms.

Now in autumn is a very good time to get to know all the charms of the country, visit its famous castle, the great variety of churches, besides the museums.

Czech Republic Landmarks

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