The Day of the Dead to enjoy in the city Quito

Quito is a city that offers tourists different celebrations such as the Day of the Dead, a day with great color and atmosphere in the streets.

The Ecuadorian city of Quito It allows tourists to enjoy a really pleasant trip throughout the year, although there are different festivals and traditions that are well worth knowing. One of them will arrive on November 2, when the Day of the Deada very special moment.

It is a celebration of great importance, just like the Day of the Dead in Mexico, so making a getaway to Quito can be a unique opportunity to enjoy its cultural and gastronomic options and take the opportunity to discover the details of the celebration which takes place at the beginning of November and for the citizens it is really a pivotal moment.

This coming November 2 is celebrated as every year the Day of the Deada time when Quito is filled with great color and a very appealing atmosphere, which allows all citizens and tourists to have a different day from the rest of the year.

Tradition in Quito

Even the people of Quito keep different ancestral indigenous traditions and rituals. One of the traditions that is maintained is that of going to the cemetery to be able to see their loved ones who have left years ago and also share food as it happens in Mexico, always offering those foods that they used to enjoy in life.

Within the gastronomic options we can enjoy with drink made with black corn and different fruits such as orange, herbs, which allows you to enjoy something very unique. Bread is also very present during this November 2. Figures are usually made with bread, just like the indigenous people used to do a long time ago.

It is a time when the decoration of houses and streets is very unique, as well as being the time to go to one of the many cemeteries found in the city of Quito, with some very important ones such as San Diego, El Batán or the Parque de los Recuerdos. In this way, tourists will be able to learn more about the flavors of All Souls Day and enjoy a very important tradition.

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