The delicious food of Colombia: dishes you must try

Colombia is a very varied country in every sense, especially in its gastronomy. There are several very typical dishes that are worth trying if we go on a trip to this Latin country. Come with us to discover the delicious food of Colombia.

The delicious food of Colombia is amazing

To learn more about Colombian gastronomy, we are going to take a tour of its most typical dishesthose that highly value their people and with whom we can delight our palate.


Patacones are typical in practically all Latin countries, although each one elaborates them in different ways. One of the most characteristic, without a doubt, is that of Colombia, since instead of making them round and small they make them elongated and large.

It is the green banana or male banana, as it is known in other countries. They cut it lengthwise, fry it, then flatten it and fry it again. It’s a delight!


There is a debate about whether arepas originate from Colombia or Venezuela. We are not going to go into it, but we are going to confirm that these are an important part of Colombian cuisine. It is a kind of stuffed corn flour tortillas.

The most famous are usually with cheese. Instead of putting it as a filling, they add it directly to the dough. Although they also prepare them stuffed with everything you can imagine.

Ajiaco with chicken

Soups are an important sample of the delicious food of Colombia. In fact, it is usually the first dish every day in all homes. Ajiaco with chicken is the most typical soup of alland there is no other country in which it is known.

Above all, It is eaten in the Andean zone and in Bogotá and its surroundings. Its ingredients are chicken, the yellow potato of the country, the cob and the arracacha. A delicacy that we recommend you try.


This dish is made with the animal’s gut. In Spain, for example, it is known as callos, although the ways of making them are different. In Colombia it is cooked and accompanied with vegetables from the area. A dish that each one will decide if they want to try, according to their preferences.

Tray paisa

Possibly this is the quintessential star dish of Colombia. Although it originates from the Antioquia region, its flavor and composition have traveled throughout the country. Today it is possible to eat a paisa tray in almost any corner of the country.

This dish is a calorie bomb, but who doesn’t like to eat a little more every now and then? It consists of eggs, avocado, rice, stewed beans, ripe plantain, minced meat, arepa, pork rinds, chorizo, black pudding, fried plantains… Anyway, what else can we say about this delicacy?

Mamona meat

A piece of meat is seasoned with garlic, cape and different spices to then cook it punctured on a metal stick over very low heat. Once finished, it is served with potatoes, yucca and arepas.

“The best dishes are very simple.”

-Auguste Escoffier-

Pirarucu fish

This fish is from the Amazon area, although Colombians want to preserve it and that is why they began to breed it in captivity a few years ago. It has become an emblem of the country and, therefore, can be found in any of its corners. It is cooked to the client’s taste and is accompanied with potatoes, rice and salad..

Stuffed Ripe Banana

The green plantain or plantain is one of the protagonists of Colombian gastronomy. They eat it either green or ripe, and on this occasion We are talking about a recipe made with ripe banana.

It is about letting the bananas ripen well. They are then baked they are filled with cheese and sweet guava and put a few more minutes in the oven to gratin. A marvel of Colombian food.


As a good Latin country, in Colombia empanadas are not lacking either. They make them out of almost anything.although perhaps one of the most outstanding and that you will not find anywhere else are those that are stuffed with cream cheese, pineapple and ham.

Have you already taken note of how delicious Colombian food is? Which of these dishes do you like the most? Do not miss them, because remember that gastronomy is one more way to get to know the culture of the country.

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