The favorite destinations to enjoy at Easter

There are some preferred or favorite destinations to enjoy during the upcoming Holy Week.

Holy Week arrives at the end of March, a very interesting opportunity to rest, enjoy the processions and also to be able to make a getaway inside or outside of Spain. There are destinations that are attractive to many international tourists and that they are excellent opportunities to take them into account.

The City of London is a preferred destination for EasterA destination that tourists tend to bet a lot on is London. It is a very appealing place to be able to get away at any time of the year, discover its corners of reference such as the British Museum or Big Ben, which are visits highly suggestive now during spring break and there are also many deals on cheap travel.

Also the city of Copenhagen is in a good position as favorite destination because it has a high number of reservations. The Danish city offers great opportunities now at Easter as it allows you to enjoy the Carlsberg Factory, as well as religious buildings and various museums.

More preferred destinations

No less interesting is the city of Parisa destination chosen by many couples to go for a bike ride around the Seine, take a cruise through the city or get to know great icons such as the Eiffel Tower now in spring, as it is an excellent opportunity to take a short trip .

Within the preferences of the european travelers we find Rome, a very special place in Italy for couples. Now that Easter is approaching, we can enjoy its mythical streets and sites such as the Colosseum as one of its icons.

also within Spain There are attractive cities to take advantage of during your next vacation, such as Palma de Mallorca and Gran Canaria as two highly suggestive coastal destinations, without forgetting Madrid and Barcelona as reference destinations when booking a trip. Highlight the city of Valencia as a place that travelers from Europe like during this spring getaway.

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