The five best tourist destinations of 2018 in Europe

Find out which are the five best tourist destinations of 2018 according to European Best Destination, an organization that is in charge of promoting European tourism.

European Best Destination is an organization that is in charge of promoting tourism throughout Europe. They have recently published the results of a survey they carried out among people related to the world of travel and tourism, to find out what are the best tourist destinations of 2018Within Europe of course. And these are the cities that have occupied the first places.


Wroclaw, or Breslavia in Spanish, is polish venice, well known for the canals and bridges that make up the landscape of the city. Apart from its physiognomy, you should not miss the Market Square in this Polish city, one of the largest squares in Europe where you will find colorful houses and historic buildings such as the two Town Halls (the old and the new), as well as the salt and flower markets.


The city of Bilbao has finished in second place in this vote, and there are many reasons that have propelled the Basque capital to this place. Among those places is logically the Guggenheim Museumwhich radically transformed and modernized the landscape of old Bilbao, but we must also not forget about the charming corners of Casco Viejowhere you can enjoy the best gastronomy.

3. Colmar

Colmar is a town in France, within the Alsace region and noted as one of the cities that not to be missed if you visit this region. Colmar’s charm lies, in large part, in its canals and being another little Venice, but it is much more than that, as it has an important historical heritage very well preserved. Without a doubt, it is a most romantic destination, ideal for these dates around Valentine’s Day.

4. Island of Hvar

Regarded as one of the most beautiful in Europe, it is an island in the Adriatic Sea (the longest of those in this sea) and it belongs to Croatia. Tourists travel to this island in search of its beaches and paradisiacal coastal landscapes, but Hvar is also the island of lavenderwith the interior full of fields full of this plant so easy to recognize by its characteristic color and smell.

5. Riga

The top 5 tourist destinations for 2018 in Europe are closed by Riga, the Pearl of the Bath. The capital of Latvia is the largest city in the Baltic countries and is listed as one of the cities in the world with the highest number of buildings of art nouveau style. But Riga is more than just architecture, because despite its almost thousand years of history it is actually a city of young atmosphere and lots of nightlife.

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