The five Blue Flag beaches to enjoy in La Coruña

La Coruña is a tourist destination that will have blue flags in each of its five beaches in 2019, thanks to their high quality.

Maintaining or increasing the number of blue flags on the beaches of a certain tourist destination is something of the utmost importance. This year the city of La Coruna In Galicia it maintains its five blue flag beaches, a quality mark that gives tourists the chance to enjoy a pleasant experience during their vacations.

There are five beaches that we have in the city of La Coruña and all of them will have this important award, something beneficial for the tourism sector and for the citizens themselves who enjoy these beautiful and spectacular beaches every summer. In total, Galicia has some 107 blue flags in 2019, the second autonomous community in number of flags, behind the Valencian Community.

It is important to keep in mind that some basic aspects are taken into account such as water quality, the variety and quality of services, accessibility for everyone and the environmental management. Those places that meet all these requirements will be able to display the flag during the summer, a plus that can have a greater impact at the tourist level.

Tourists have the chance to enjoy places as unique as the Riazor, Orzán-Matadero, San Amaro, As Lapas and Oza beaches, all of them with different characteristics but with a blue flag, an award that they share for another year. It is also a fabulous city where you can enjoy good wine, excellent seafood, since the gastronomic proposals are of the utmost importance for visitors.

Within the community of Galicia it is interesting to take into account that there are different municipalities with beaches that will display the Blue Flag, with a total of 55 flags in the province of pontevedra, 38 in La Coruña and 14 in Lugo. They are emblematic places to enjoy a really quiet vacation during the summer, both as a couple and as a family.

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