The Flower Festival 2018 in Madeira

One of the events that tourists who make a trip to Madeira like the most is the Flower Festival, an appointment that will arrive shortly throughout this month of April. It is a very interesting opportunity to enjoy the flowers now during spring, a date that is usually very popular with both Portuguese and foreign visitors.

The Madeira Flower Festival will take place from April 19 to May 13The Flower Festival It will take place in this Portuguese archipelago from April 19 to May 13, a highly recommended event for couples and families who want to enjoy the best atmosphere and color. It is precisely one of the most attractive festivals for the tourism sector and the presence of many tourists is expected.

Throughout these weeks a series of exhibitions, street activities, as well as other leisure activities in Madeira are offered. One of the peak moments is the Great Allegorical Procession of the Flowerone of the most anticipated of this holiday.

Flower Festival

After the Holy Week This is when this great festival usually arrives throughout the spring and it is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a colorful and pleasant atmosphere in different parts of Madeira, especially in Funchal. In the decoration of the streets, flowers are precisely the protagonists, allowing you to enjoy their perfume and colors.

In the local square, a wall made entirely of flowers, an activity in which children often participate. It is the beginning of some very appetizing festive weeks to be able to go to this site in Portugal and discover first-hand the best attractions of this event.

Let us remember that the spring in funchal It is an excellent time to be able to get away and enjoy its natural attractions, as is the case of the beaches that tourists who come to this destination like so much. Gastronomy is also another factor to take into account when making a trip to this place.

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