The forest where the trees look like pinnacles of snow (Riisitunturi, Finland)

In the middle of winter, in the Riisitunturi National Parkin Finland, temperatures can regularly hover around 30°C below zero. The amount of accumulated snow is “inordinate”, to the point that the trees are only resigned to becoming a kind of “pinnacle” of snow. The landscape of a forest of snow-capped trees turned into white pinnacles is inaccessible, but majestic.


The Riisitunturi National Park is located in Posio, Finnish Lapland, in an area of ​​mountains and swamps, although not with very high peaks. It is considered one of the most beautiful landscapes in Finland:


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The phenomenon of accumulation of frozen snow on trees is known as tikkyand it happens in other parts of Finland or forests in areas near the Arctic.

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