The four largest Ferris wheels in the world

Ferris wheels to enjoy the views of a city have become tourist attractions today. Get to know the four largest Ferris wheels in the world.

Camilo Sesto said in one of his songs that he was “fed up with rolling like a Ferris wheel.” But there are people who never tire of riding these attractions that, in some cities, have become tourist attractions. Therefore, now in Por Conocer we are going to introduce you the four largest ferris wheels in the world (at least to date).

High Roller, in Las Vegas (United States)

With 167.6 meters high, High Roller has held since its inauguration in 2014 the honor of being the tallest Ferris wheel in the world and one of the most expensive, since the cost of its construction exceeded 500 million dollars. It’s found In Las Vegas and it has 28 cabins with a capacity of 40 people each, who pay more than 30 dollars to get on and make a trip of about 30 minutes from which to enjoy the sight of neons that illuminate, night after night, the city of the game.

Singapore Flyer, in Marina Bay (Singapore)

Between 2008 and 2014, Singapore Flyer held the title of tallest Ferris wheel in the world thanks to its 165 meters high. Located in the center of Marina Bay, from one of the 28 cabins With which this Ferris wheel has, each one with a capacity for 28 people, you get the best views of the place and even views of neighboring countries on clear days. The trip lasts for about 30 minutes approximately and the price is around 33 Singapore dollars.

Nanchang Star, in Nanchang (China)

The Nanchang Star is a Ferris wheel that reaches 160 meters high, which made it the highest in the world from its inauguration in 2006 to 2008. It is located, as its name says, in Nanchang, a city in China that is located in the east of the country and that has a huge square. The trip on this Ferris wheel lasts half an hour, It’s economic (just about 5 euros to change with the Chinese currency) and you can also get off and on on going because it rotates very slowly.

London Eye, in London (England)

The London Eye may be the Ferris wheel more famous in the world, or at least the best known in these latitudes. was inaugurated in the year 2000 (and for that reason it was baptized as the millennium wheel) and with its 135 meters high surpassed the record held until then by a Japanese Ferris wheel called Daikanransha, which reaches 115 meters. Converted from its beginnings into a symbol of the city of London, it is undoubtedly one of the main tourist attractions and that is why there are usually queues despite the fact that its price is around 25 pounds.

Photo | Flickr – Tony Webster

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