The friendliest countries with foreign tourists

Portugal and Taiwan are the two countries that best treat foreign tourists according to a study that has just been carried out.

During the holidays it is important to feel at home and it is important to enjoy a hospitable environment and to be treated well. It is because of that InterNations It has just released a very interesting study to discover the countries that treat their visitors better and in a friendlier way.

Portugal is currently the friendliest country with foreign touristsIn the first position of this study we find Portugal, which has been the country that best treats foreign tourists. It is an important aspect because visitors leave with a good taste in their mouths, much more when 94% of the opinions are positive.

After the Portuguese country we find taiwanan Asian destination that offers excellent treatment to all foreign tourists and is something that they really like a lot and invites them to enjoy a very suggestive vacation throughout the year knowing the different incentives that a place has for us to enjoy .

More friendly countries

In this study, a good part of the countries that are located between the first positions They belong to the Asian and American continents. The third position is for Mexico, a country that offers a very exquisite treatment to all visitors and it is an aspect that all tourists usually value when choosing a certain destination.

It is also important to highlight other places of reference such as the Cambodia, Bahrain, which are destinations that are advancing very positively in terms of tourism in recent years. Of course, the kindness of treatment of the Ticos is another point to take into account since Costa Rica is also a very hospitable country with foreigners.

Within this top 10 we find Oman, Colombia, Vietnam and Canada, countries where hospitality is quite high and this is something that helps many people opt for these countries when assessing the possibility of traveling.

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