The future of tourism in Africa

The African continent has great potential to attract more travelers from different international markets.

A continent that has a great potential to advance in terms of tourism is the African, a place with multiple incentives and options so that travelers with varied tastes can enjoy spectacular vacations throughout the year.

African tourism has great potential to continue growing in 2018At the ITB Berlin there were different countries promoting their charms such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Cape Verde or Cameroon, among other countries that are committed to the tourism sector. This meeting will take place in Nigeria from June 4 to 6 and in it different important issues for the future of the continent will be discussed and approved. There are going to be several African countries in the Regional Commission for Africa, which is a meeting that takes place every year.}

It is an area where the potential to grow is still too tall. In 2017 the entire continent grew by 8% in terms of the number of visitors, which is quite a positive figure and one that should be taken into account. It achieved the goal of 62 million international tourists last year, a truly remarkable number that is worth noting.

Main incentives

In the next meeting, relevant issues for the African continent will be discussed, such as sustainable tourism in order to generate wealth at different points, attract a greater number of travelers from the American continent and European, in addition to being able to promote everything related to ecotourism since it is a practice that helps the environment not be harmed by tourist activity.

On the other hand, other issues will be discussed during the meeting that will take place in June, such as tackling poverty in many of the countries of the continent, in addition to advancing in other aspects such as fighting against climate changewhich is another aspect that is of great importance for this part of the world.

In addition, other fundamental aspects such as air connectivity and improve the image, are essential to have a greater presence of tourists from various markets. Having more flights will help a lot so that everyone can access certain countries.

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