The Golden Week: enjoy a few unique days in Japan

For a few years now, many have been familiar with the term Golden Week, especially those who have decided to take a trip to Japan. During this ‘golden week’, the Japanese enjoy the longest vacation period of the year.

What is Golden Week

The Golden Week or Golden Week is the largest holiday period in Japan. This is due to the accumulation of holidays, all of a national nature.which commemorate different historical milestones and celebrate important days for citizens.

During these days, the activity in the country slows down in a remarkable way to offer its inhabitants a few days of vacation after months of work. It is that, although Japanese students do have long rest periods, most workers rarely get several days in a row to rest or enjoy their free time.

Therefore, during the Golden Week There are many Japanese who take advantage of these dates to carry out inland tourism. Similarly, and for this reason, a large number of foreign tourists prefer to avoid traveling to Japan during this extended vacation period.

The effects of this full week of holidays had, from the beginning, a strong impact on the leisure, restaurant and tourism industries, with a great favorable economic impact. The figures reached during these days are the cause of its name: Golden Week. A curious fact is that the name was inspired by a successful radio program called Golden Time.

When is Golden Week celebrated?

The first thing we need to know is that, although Officially, Golden Week begins on April 29 and ends on May 5., does not mean that it is a fixed vacation period for all citizens of the country. It will depend not only on each company, but on the layout of the calendar to ensure at least five days off.

During the week there are four outstanding dates, which correspond to the four national holidays that comprise the Golden Week. The first of them is him Showa no Hiwhich is celebrated every April 29 and is Emperor Hirohiro’s birthday. This was the last emperor of the Showa Era.

The second public holiday is May 3; Constitution Day is celebrated Kenpou Kinen Bi. On this day, the entry into force of the country’s current constitution, created in 1947, after World War II, is commemorated. The Japanese take advantage of this day to call for reflection on the functioning of the Japanese government and the establishment of democracy.

After this day, the same May 4th is celebrated the Midori no Hi or Green Day. On this occasion, the Japanese try to raise awareness among the population to protect the environment and preserve nature. It is said that it was the emperor who established this holiday for his love of plants.

Finally, On May 5, Children’s Day is celebrated. Kodomo no Hi. On this occasion, families gather to pray in the temples for the health and success of the smallest of the house. In this festival, the well-known fabric tents or koinobori.

Useful information to travel to Japan during Golden Week

Although the crowds of Japanese can be a problem to move around the country, visit places of interest or simply stay, we must remember that there is also data in favor of traveling on these dates. For example, During the Golden Week the weather in Japan is very nice.

Another detail that must be considered in order to travel during this holiday period for the Japanese is that everything will be more expensive, from flights to other services. Therefore, we recommend planning your trip in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Likewise, it is advisable to travel around the country by train and buy tickets in advance. If you don’t do it this way, it will be very difficult to travel to places as emblematic as Kyoto or Nara.

Finally, we also want to remind you that Golden Week is celebrated on all the islands of Japan. This is a great opportunity to travel to the island of Okinawa and get to know first-hand the wide variety of cultural events that take place during these dates. Take advantage of your trip to live this experience!

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