The good tourism data of Ireland

Ireland offers different cultural and gastronomic alternatives that more than 9.25 million tourists liked in 2017.

Taking a trip through incredibly beautiful and natural places is a trend that continues to grow, because many travelers opt to enjoy different experiences. Know Ireland one of them, since it is a truly spectacular country and one that has improved remarkably over the last few years.

Ireland has raised 9.25 million up to the month of November 2017Ireland is a good country where enjoying a vacation is a dream for many tourists from international markets. The growth throughout the past year 2017 has been very good, excellent news since we are facing a destination where the tourism sector continues to be vital for the economy and needs to continue growing.

Until the month of November, it had been achieved 9.25 million tourists, so the month of December must be added to complete the year. We are facing an excellent year as it represents an increase of 3.7% thanks to the good work that has been done over the last few months, in which the best incentives have been released.

Tourism in Ireland

One of the important data to take into account is the decrease in visitors from Britain by 5.2%, which is important data. This is because the decline in the pound sterling is still in the news and therefore the British cannot always afford a holiday every year as the cost is very high.

The presence of visitors of Australia, Spain, Germany, Italy and the Nordic countries continues to rise, which is another interesting piece of news and data to be taken into account by the Irish government and they are precisely the countries where influence must be made to carry out

It is an interesting area where nature tours meet to enjoy bike rides, hiking and enjoy bird watching. It is also an area where the castles are spectacular for different visits throughout the trip.

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