The Hundred Dragons Elevator, the great Chinese elevator

This large and impressive elevator is located in a protected park that is a World Heritage Site and the main setting of the movie Avatar.

China It is a country with hundreds, if not thousands, of charming places that you have to visit. The wild nature that can be found in this great country clashes with the immense cities that man has built. And even in those places where it seems that nothing can be built, you have to look to see immense and amazing works of human engineering. In the pZanghjiajie Archa protected park, rises the immense Elevator of the Hundred Dragons. EITHER Bailongas it is known in Chinese.

It is a metallic structure of 330 meters that transports visitors to the top of that cliff where it is located. And it also does at an impressive speed. Not only is the elevator located in a place that is not prepared for this type of facility, but it is also the fastest elevator for the weight it can carry.

the cabin of the Elevator of the Hundred Dragons It has a capacity of 50 people and it is rare to make a trip that is not full. This makes you have to be pretty fast to get into it, since the rush to enter means that only the first ones can approach the front window and the rest stay behind. The spectacular view that can be enjoyed from the front row is something truly impressive and only a few can enjoy it in all its magnitude.

Hundred Dragons Elevator 1

But there isn’t much time to do it either, since the journey to the highest part lasts only a minute, so when you want to realize it, you’re already at the top and you can easily contemplate the views that served to create the imaginary world of Pandora, in the movie Avatar. The Zanghjiajie Park it is World Heritage since 1992, so it is worth visiting.

This structure opened in 2002, after two years of installation. After that first opening it had to be temporarily closed for security reasons, but it was opened to the public shortly after. This park not only has this elevator, which, by the way, was the protagonist of a certain controversy for believing that could be detrimental to the parksince we also find the longest glass bridge in the world, from 400 meters to 300 meters above the ground and which we have already told you about on occasion.

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