The Hungarian National Opera, a must-see in Budapest

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Hungary, but in Europe. One of the most beautiful buildings in the Hungarian capital is the Hungarian National Opera. It is a clear example of elegance and architectural care. But why is it so special? What makes it a must-see place? We find out here!

We enter the wonderful Hungarian National Opera

The Hungarian National Opera opened its doors on September 27, 1884. After 9 years of construction, the horseshoe-shaped building saw the light and was preparing to compete with the opera houses of Paris and Vienna.

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The architect in charge of directing the construction was Miklós Ybl, of Hungarian nationality. He worked under the orders of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I.

During years, it was one of the most select places in the city and the favorite of royalty. Specifically, from the empress of Austria and queen consort of Hungary, Sissi. Sometimes she came to go alone to her box to witness the plays and concerts that were organized in her room.

Composers and musical and theater directors of great prestige have passed through these facilities. For example, Richard Strauss, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Otto Klemperer or Gustav Mahler. Today, it has a capacity for around 1,300 people, although in its beginnings it could accommodate up to 2,000.

Schedules and organization of the visit

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The Hungarian National Opera is located in the center of Budapest, on Andrássy Avenue, number 22. It can be easily reached on foot or by public transport. You can take bus line 105. Or, if you prefer, you can take metro line 1 (yellow) and get off at the opera stop (Operaház).

To visit the Hungarian National Opera you have two options. First, you can take a guided tour in Spanish every day between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. Tickets can be purchased at the box office for a price of nine euros for adults and 6 euros for students.

After the end of the visit you can see a 5-minute concert for less than two euros. Eye, go early! In season tickets are usually sold out.

If you prefer to see it in all its splendor, the most logical thing is to buy a ticket for the opera. After all, you will see a representation and you will be able to fully enjoy all its charms. The price varies depending on the function, although the maximum you can pay is about 50 euros. There are also cheaper options.

Why visit the Hungarian National Opera?

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If after this reading you are still not convinced to visit the Hungarian National Opera, you are about to take the last step. First, it is important to note that this place is one of the most appreciated opera buildings in the world. The reason? Very simple: it is one of the venues with the best musical acoustics.

Furthermore, if Budapest were not already beautiful enough, with the National Opera we will close our visit to the capital with a flourish. It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

And we can talk about its beauty both on the outside, where the elegance and care of the façade is evident, and on the inside. The interiors are made up of marble floorsa beautiful staircase and an exquisite decoration.

Finally, if you are a music lover and especially classical music, the Hungarian State Opera houses the headquarters of the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra. It is one of the best orchestras on the continent. Of course, if you visit the monument, remember to bring permission to take photographs, since they are not allowed.


“The different ingredients of opera are poetry, music and scenery. Poetry speaks to our spirit, music to our ears, painting to our eyes, and everything together contributes to moving our hearts.”

-Jean-Jacques Rousseau-

This is the information that may be of interest if you like music or are going to travel to Budapest. How would you feel in one of the places with the highest quality musical shows? The Hungarian National Opera, in all its splendor, invites you to live an unforgettable experience. Do not miss the opportunity!

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