The I Carnival Fair in Navalmoral de la Mata

The first carnival fair will be held throughout the month of September in Navalmoral de la Mata, a very interesting option.

In the province of Jaén we find a series of places of reference for their history and traditions, as is the case of Navalmoral de la Mata. It is a destination that has just announced the first edition of the Carnival Fair, an event of great interest that may attract many tourists in the coming weeks.

Navalmoral de la Mata will hold its first Tourism Fair in SeptemberIt is a fair that will offer all visitors the chance to learn everything related to carnival, which is one of the interesting options for tourists to enjoy a satisfying vacation in this area of ​​Spain.

Of course it is interesting to keep in mind that this fair will take place from September 14 to 16, an interesting date to be able to get away for a weekend. It is excellent for couples and families can come to this point in the province of Jaén.

discover the carnival

This first carnival fair has been featured in the Navalmoral de la Mata Carnival Museuma very interesting opportunity that joins other options that during the summer take place on vacation and that attract many tourists.

It is intended to make known everything related to the carnival of the area, its traditions, its origins. Throughout the days that this event lasts, visitors will be able to enjoy different moral murgas, chirigotas from the area, painting workshops, costume design and float making.

You can take advantage of this appointment to shop around Navalmoral de la Mata, interesting because it offers a rich historical and cultural heritage, attractive museums and a series of interesting gastronomic alternatives to make a very appetizing trip. The fair is undoubtedly one of the events expected for the month of September and it is expected that it will attract many tourists soon.

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