The impressive Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Montenegro. A spectacular cathedral that ranks as the second largest church in the Balkan area.

This important cathedral stands out both for its twin towers and for its visible arch, having marked features of Romanesque, Italian and Byzantine influences. Inside it has an abundant decoration in which some iconographic frescoes with a golden background stand out..

It is located in the city of Podgorica, capital of this Balkan country and is one of the most important Orthodox churches in the world.

History of the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

Despite not being an old building, the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ has become a symbol of the city.

The construction of the cathedral takes place at the time that Podgorica becomes the capital of Montenegro, since this was the only European capital that did not have a cathedral. Thus, the works began in 1993, with the architects Predrag Ristić and Jovan Popović, in charge of the project.


The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ stands out for its neo-Byzantine architecture and its beautiful dome.

Very close to it you can discover an ancient Christian necropolis that you can also visit. And the foundations of an old church that dates back to the time of the first Christians and that was one of the main ones in the area hundreds of centuries ago.

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ was consecrated on October 7, 2014, coinciding with the celebration of the 1700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan on Freedom of Religion. And from that moment, it became the main cult center of the city of Podgorica and also a symbol of the city.

Architecture of the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is a very striking building, either because of the pure white of its walls or because of its domes, adorned with golden crosses on their highest part. Inside, you will discover an iconographic universe that decorates the entire cathedral, highlighting the golden backgrounds of its paintings.

Among the various ornaments, we can highlight that they excessively decorate the cathedral. Something typical of Orthodox churches. But, there is a fresco that is controversial. A unique apocalyptic scene that can be seen to the left of the altar, very close to the vaults towards the top.

At first glance you will not notice anything in particular, but when you look closely, you will discover a terrifying creature that is swimming in a sea of ​​flames. This creature swallows people who are dressed in religious garments, also finding Adam and Eve.

It would not be an extraordinary painting, but when you look closely, you will be able to observe three men, who for many people are Marshal Tito, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. These three characters are remembered for representing a regime that was in charge of persecuting both believers and the clergy..

Currently, we can still find a polarization in the population of Montenegro, dividing into two factions. On one side we have those who miss the “good old days” and on the other those who see communism as a plague that has long devastated this region.

Many of the Montenegrins see in this representation of Tito, Marx and Engels burning in the flames of hell a vindication against the oppression of that regime. For other settlers, the painting does not represent these characters and they do not notice a real resemblance to the historical figures.

Places of interest near the cathedral

The Millennium Bridge is another emblem of the city that you cannot miss.

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is located near the Moraca River, for which you can also visit the Millennium Bridge, another important monument of Podgorica. If you are a nature lover, you will like this visit a lot, since you will find large green and open spaces.

Slovenian architect Mladen Ulićević was responsible for the design of the Millennium Bridge. A bridge considered as one of the most important attractions of the city of Podgorica. It was opened in 2005 and since then it has become one of the symbols of the new capital of Montenegro.

And, in addition, crossing the Millennium Bridge is the most direct way that connects the city center of Pogdorica with the famous Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ.

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