The island of Palawan and its exotic landscape

Which we will present next is considered one of the best vacation destinations in the Philippines: the island of Palawan. In fact, even this year it has been selected as one of the most outstanding islands in the world, deserving of winning the prize of the magazine Travel + Leisure’s World’s.

We encourage you to discover with us its wide variety of activities, its many places of interest, its beautiful beaches and its rich biodiversity. Let’s start the tour!

Palawan, a landscape treasure in the Philippines

The island of Palawan belongs to the Philippine archipelago, in Southeast Asia. East it was a Spanish colony until relatively recently, specifically 130 years; hence its culture is one of the biggest attractions for Spanish and Latin tourists.

Among the more than 7,000 islands that make up this dream archipelago, we want to highlight the island of Palawan, one of the largest, along with the islands of Luzon or Mindanao. Palawan is elongated in shape, over 400 kilometers long and almost completely covered by thick tropical jungle.

In addition to these characteristics, its beaches stand out, considered among the most beautiful in the country, bathed by the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea. It has crystalline and turquoise waters, which contrast with the white sand of its beaches.

That is why the country’s government has placed special emphasis on making responsible use of the island and maintain an impeccable attitude to preserve its natural wealth. In fact, it was one of the first provinces in the country to fight against waste by eliminating the use of plastics. In addition, they strive to eradicate illegal logging and the abuse of aggressive fishing techniques with the environment.

Despite this, the island is more than ready to welcome tourists from all over the world. In it, we will have available all the necessary services to enjoy the stay to the fullest.

The big ones resorts and other complexes designed for the recreation of travelers are designed to protect the environment. This quality, together with the other characteristics mentioned, has made it in an exemplary destination for lovers of ecotourism.

What to see and do in Palawan

One of the first stops of the visit, and almost obligatory, is to visit the marine sanctuary of El Nido. Here we will find some of the most impressive landscapes in the country. In addition, it has a wide range of activities, among which we highlight the possibility of diving in its coral reefs.

Nor should we miss the opportunity to travel to the island of Corón and the group of islands located just north of Palawan. This area is famous for its lakes surrounded by high limestone walls, which offer snorkelers a unique opportunity to enjoy a landscape of shipwrecks and its rich marine fauna.

The last stop should be Port Barton. Here we can see first-hand how its inhabitants live and learn more about their culture and traditions. In addition, it has a clear incentive for those who want to enjoy one of the best beaches in the Philippines: White Beach. This site offers us dreamy sunsets to immortalize next to the shore of one of the most emblematic postcards of the island.

Useful tips for the trip

The first thing we should know before traveling to the Philippines is that This country has two marked seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The first comprises between the months of December to May, and the second from June to November.

Palawan’s climate is completely tropical, so we will never be completely sure of not running into rain. For this reason, there are many who prefer to save money and travel during the rainy season.

We can get to the island of Palawan with a direct flight to one of the country’s international airports, such as those in Cebu or Manila. From here, we can take another flight to the island or choose to take a boat to take us there. Most tourists choose to travel to Puerto Princesa, the capital of the province.

Similarly, it is very important to know that, to move around the island, the best option is to opt for public transport or rent a motorcycle to have greater freedom when visiting it. Both options are quite cheap.

Finally, although it is true that There are many resorts available at a good price, we will also have more modest and equally ecological options. The only really important thing is to travel to this exotic landscape to admire it and preserve it for future generations.

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