The largest airports in the world

The aviation industry is growing by leaps and bounds. And of course, airports play an important role in its growth. So that, let’s see the 10 largest airports in the world and that more money has been invested in the comfort of its passengers.

Ready for the flight? We rise already above the skylines of the cities of the planet to see some of the largest airports in the world. We take off!

1. Charles de Gaulle International Airport

It was inaugurated with the name of the former French president, Charles de Gaulle. It is only 27 kilometers from Paris and its area is 3,200 hectares, making it the largest in France. Each year it receives around 65 million people, being the second airport in the world with the most traffic of people, only below London.

2. Shanghai Pudong International Airport

The largest in the city and the second busiest in China. It has 3,350 hectares, which makes it possible for it to receive more than 51 million people annually. This makes it one of the largest in the world. It currently has two terminals and is planning to build a third.

3. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

It has 7,800 hectares that make it the second largest airport in the United States and the third with the most operations in the world. No less than 59 million passengers a year pass through itthe sixth in the world in terms of passenger movement.

4. Denver International Airport

Accumulate votes from specialized magazines as the best in the United States. Its surface makes it the second largest in the world and several times has been named as the best in the United States. Planes depart from it to more than 187 non-stop destinations to all continents and receive more than 54 million passengers.

5. King Fahd Airport, at the head of the largest airports in the world

It is the first airport in the world for its 78,000 hectares. It is in the city of Dammam, in Saudi Arabia. In its design it was planned to be for 12 million passengers, but today it receives 7. It has a six-story terminal, one of them for the royal family, official guests and high-ranking personalities.

6. Beijing International Airport

Another of the largest airports in the world. Its extension is 2,330 hectares and It is one of the most active, with 77 million annual passengers. Its excellent location is a magnificent connection bridge to enter the rest of the countries in the area.

7. Cairo International Airport

An airport that began as a naval base and currently occupies 2,550 hectares and moves 14 million passengers. More than 65 airlines use this airport. After Johannesburg, it is the busiest on the African continent.

8. O’Hare International Airport

Its 2,610 hectares make it one of the three busiest airports in the United States. Stands out for being the largest distribution center for United Airlines and the second for American Airlines. By 2020, this Chicago airport is expected to have 8 runways for takeoff and landing.

9. Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport

The airport of the capital of Spain stands out for having its undulating wooden roof. It is northeast of the city and is the largest in the country. Iberia and Air Europa have their operations center there. As a curiosity, it is the one with the most flight operations in Europe.

10. New Bangkok International Airport

It is the largest airport in the country thanks to its 2,980 hectares. It is in fifth place in air traffic. If we talk about traffic, it has more than 47 million passengers throughout the year. Also, It has the tallest control tower in the world., with 135 meters. The construction is futuristic in style and finished in 2006.

You have already been able to see all the largest airports in the world. Some of them stand out for not being in the capitals, something that is fundamentally due to their geographical position, which is more suitable for air routes. Which of them do you know?

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