The largest snow castle in the world

snow castle

The world’s largest snow castle is located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia in the city of Kemi, Finland. It is similar to the well-known Ice Hotel, but this one is made of snow. This is a magnificent example of the great talent and skills of local architects and their builders, as expressed on their website:

In addition, this castle is built every year with a different architecture that attracts many tourists and curious people from all over the world.

snow castle

ice and snow hotel

Snow HotelThe question is: what temperature will it be? Well, they explain that inside the hotel rooms they reach -5 ºC, quite cold, but you can warm up by sleeping in a special warm sleeping bag for extreme weather. As they say “It’s a great way to experience the chill of an arctic night.”

The hotel has 20 rooms for two people, three for a group of 5 people and apparently a special and spacious suite.

The restaurant

Snow Castle RestaurantAnd what about the restaurant, because the tables and chairs are made of ice, don’t be scared, because they are covered in reindeer skin. SnowRestaurant serves hot and cold drinks, lunch, snacks and naturally a la carte. The restaurant opens its doors next year on January 26 until April 6, 2008.

This castle also has a chapel, an image made of ice. On the other hand, it has an exclusive place for children with a host, a nice character.

There is no doubt that there are many places yet to be discovered, it is true that we live in a curious world.