The least visited countries in the world

We make an exotic trip to see what are the least visited countries in the world, places that are almost forgotten by tourism for different reasons.

There are countries whose visitors number in the millions, such as Spain, which borders on one hundred million tourists a year. But, equally, there are countries whose visitors number in the thousands and, in extreme cases, by only a few thousand, although some of those countries are a paradise to discover.

Here is the list of the five least visited countries in the worldaccording to data from the World Tourism Organization.

Sao Tome and Principe

Less than ten thousand people a year travel to an African country called Sao Tome and Principe for tourism. Made up of a set of small islands that are in the Atlanticmore or less at the height of the equator, is one of the smallest countries in Africa, a microstate that still presents several tourist interests and that is quite accessible for travelers, due to the low crime rate and low risk of contracting diseases.


Djibouti, or simply Djibouti, is a small country that is in the area known as the horn of africa, and that it is an important base for ships passing from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean, or vice versa. Regarding tourist interests, its Ocean floors and the contrast between its landscapesgoing from the blue of the tropical beaches to the dark color of the stone of its deserts.


Tuvalu, one of the countries that make up Polynesia, has the honor of being the country less visited of the world. And if you wonder why, especially considering that it is about an authentic paradise Hawaii style with golden sand beaches, palm trees and turquoise waters in which to snorkel, the answer is quite simple: getting to it can mean an odyssey of flights and stopoversand at a price that is not affordable.


A total of thirty three atolls scattered over an area of ​​almost three million square kilometers in the Pacific they form the peculiar Republic of Kiribati. As a curiosity, to say that it is a country whose surface could disappear if the water level continues to rise, and let you know that if you want to be the first to celebrate the new year in an inhabited region, you must be on one of its atolls, Kiritimati.


The Union of the Comoros is another African country, or rather, they are the set of three volcanic islands which are between Mozambique and the large island of Madagascar. The Beachesthe reefs and the jungle are the main tourist attractions of a country that, unfortunately, is one of the poorest of the continent and that always lives immersed in a climate of tremendous political instability, which logically makes it unattractive for tourism.

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