The longest river in the world!

From the beginning it was doubted which was the longest river in the world, if the Nile or the Amazon…

To understand better let’s read this:

In 1542 the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana reached the Amazon for the first time. After a brief stay in Spain, he returned to lead an expedition, which he financed himself, to go up the Amazon from its mouth. But he could not fulfill his wish because he died in 1546 due to illness.

Amazon River
View of the Amazon from the heights

Well, in July 1996 a team of mountaineers and expert geologists set out in search of the place where the Amazon is born. These expeditionaries assured… that they had found the exact site: “It is born at 5,170 meters high in the Peruvian Andes”, they affirmed. They also said that the more than 6,000 kilometers of water that crosses Brazil, Colombia and Peru have their source in the Quebrada de Apacheta, in an underground glacier. This new source lengthened the riverbed by approximately 740 kilometers, with which The Amazon became, with 7,020 km., the longest on the planet. But in 1996 this finding was not officially recognized.

Now, four years later, the evidence these men provided has been scientifically recognized as valid. Which means that the Amazon happens to lead the ranking of the longest rivers in the world, taking the place from the Nile (6,671 km.).

The Amazon alone transports a fifth of the planet’s river water. More than 1,000 species of fish coexist in its waters and in some of its points the distance between one shore and another is more than 300 kilometers.