The longest zip line in the world is in… Dubai!

Dubai always makes a difference in everything it does… And it does it in a big way! It was the first to have a seven-star hotel and has the tallest building ever built. Not only that, now in Dubai you can enjoy the longest zip line in the world, and the fastest! Would you dare to try it?

The longest zip line in the world

Almost three kilometers of cable cross mountains and highways to reach the other side of a deep canyon. Of course, an attraction to discharge adrenaline. This swanky attraction in Dubai It is capable of reaching the speed of 150 km/h.

In addition, its location already makes our hair stand on end, since It is nothing more and nothing less than 1680 meters above sea level. You will have to dress warmly! Guinness World Records officials have already certified its distance and included it in the book.

His name: Jebel Jais Flight. A name that comes like a glove. And it is that this attraction, more than being a simple zip line, is a way of flying. And boy does it provoke strong emotions. It is not suitable for the faint of heart!

“Life is a daring adventure… or it’s nothing.”

-Hellen Keller-

How is the “flight” in the longest zip line in the world?

Despite its speed, it will take about three minutes to slide down it. Three minutes that could become the longest… or the shortest of your life.

Unlike other shorter and more traditional zip lines, in this you will have to go lying face down with a big harness that will support your chest and back area, as well as your legs. Obviously, the security in this attraction is extreme.

this attraction has more than replaced the one that previously held the title of being the longest zip line in the world. This is El Mostruo, in Puerto Rico, which measures 2.5 kilometers at only 363 meters high. On another occasion these figures would have seemed amazing, but Jebel Jais Flight has left them far behind.

What to see in Dubai

Of course, we understand that you are not going to Dubai just to ride the longest zip line in the world. Thus, we want to remind you of everything you can see and do in the city. These are its most outstanding attractions:

Burj Khalifa

It is the tallest skyscraper in the world, with its 828 meters. If you thought One World Trade Center or the Petronas Twin Towers were spectacular, this fabulous building dwarfs them. An essential that you cannot miss!

To build the Burj Khalifa more than twelve thousand people worked from at least 30 countries. And it only took six years to raise such a mass.

burj al arab

It is impossible to go to Dubai and not shop around for for a long time it was the only seven-star hotel in the world. Although today we can find some more, this was the one that set precedents.

Yes indeed, possibly you can not afford to pay the 1,300 euros that it costs per night. However, you can take some spectacular photos with it in the background. Or you can go to see the reception, it will be an unforgettable experience for you.

take a safari

If the Arab countries are characterized by something, it is by their deserts, and that of Dubai is one of the most incredible. As well, going on a desert safari is possible. There are many places where you can hire this activity and enjoy one of the strangest and most surprising places in the world.

The visit consists of a tour in a 4×4. You will go up and down dunes in which the car will lean to unsuspected limits. Most likely, your back will hurt afterwards, but we assure you that the experience will have been worth it.

dubai creek

This is something you must see yes or yes, and if you can do it by helicopter, even better! The Dubai Creek is a geographical accident that was the one that gave rise to the city. In fact, it became the most important port in the region.

doDo you dare to go to Dubai? And in addition to knowing these places, get on the longest zip line in the world? It will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

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