The Madrid of the Austrians

Although it does not refer to any neighborhood or administrative zone, it is true that the Older Madrid although not more traditionalto the medieval layout that the city occupied together with the urban expansion initiated by the house of austria.

Although it has evolved over time with the different reigns of Carlos I, Felipe II, Felipe III and other later Kings, it is today the area that we could dare to say most beautiful and unique in the capital. Since we do not want to go into politics or history, we are going to take a virtual tour of the areas that you cannot miss. Will you join us?

As it could not be otherwise, we began the tour of the emblematic Sun Gate, where you can find the Spanish Kilometer 0, the origin of all the Spanish radial highways and the origin of the numbering of the streets in Madrid. Right on the other side, we can find the typical statue of Madrid, the bear and the strawberry tree, contained in the coat of arms of the capital. Recently, the remodeling works of the metro and commuter trains have left a somewhat singular stamp, mixing modern architecture with the classic architecture of the buildings. And to finish, the mythical clock that welcomes the New Year next to the poster of Uncle Pepe.

At this point we can decide to go to the Plaza Mayor for its homonymous streetor walk through the arenal street, pedestrian for a few years and where we can find shops of all kinds. If we decide to go the first way, we shouldn’t miss the restaurant terraces under the arcades, which will very nicely invite us to sit down, enjoy their dishes and the Madrid sun. Although acceptable quality, somewhat expensive depending on what it is. Undoubtedly, the best option is to take a calamari sandwich, that just thinking about it already salivates. You will come back!

The main Street It will take us to the Plaza de la Villa, where in the center of it we will find the Monument to Álvaro de Bazán, erected in 1888 at the municipal initiative. Connecting through narrow streets where you can find good restaurants, we will go down to Arenal street, which we will cross and arrive at the Barefoot Square.

Arenal street connects with the Opera SquareWhere is he Royal Theatre, majestic and elegant with a quadrangular plan and which was one of the main cultural centers of the Bourbons until today. It represents the best opera and ballet performances, concerts and other activities.

One of the faces of this Theater faces directly to the Plaza de Oriente and on its opposite side the impressive Royal Palace. The square contains a public underground car park, where you can park, highly recommended if you arrive by car, and in its upper part some carefully cared for gardens that give a lot of happiness when you breathe; people walk happily, take photos and even lie down in the spring sun.

The Royal Palacewith more than 3,400 rooms and 135,000 m2, is the official residence of the King of Spain, although he spends more time in the Zarzuela, away from the big city. In addition to being able to take a small tour of part of the Palace and see a small part of its great artistic heritage, it is used for official reception ceremonies for other monarchs of the world or for the main heads of state and government. The Campo del Moro and Sabatini Gardens they also border the Palace to the west and north respectively.

Of course to the south we could not stop naming the Almudena Cathedralepiscopal seat of the Archdiocese of Madrid, and which was consecrated by the late Pope John Paul II on his fourth visit to the capital on June 15, 1993. The wedding of the current Prince of SpainFelipe de Borbón with the journalist Letizia Ortiz.

If after this long and intense tour, we can visit Toledo street, Segovia bridge, San Francisco street, San Justo and Sacramento streets, Isabel II square and Cuesta de la Vega as the culmination of this virtual visit.

Note: of course the routes through the Madrid of the Habsburgs They can be almost endless, but we leave you the one that we think is the most interesting

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