The magical trees of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay has become one of the main tourist attractions in Singapore. There could not be a more appropriate space for this futuristic place than the wonderful city-state of Southeast Asia. We are talking about a really fantastic garden where the trees emit light and dance to the sound of music.

Gardens by the Bay, a different garden

Before entering the areas that await us inside Gardens by the Bay (or Gardens of the Bay) we want to talk to you about the concept of these gardens. It is a green area absolutely different from what you have ever seen. It has the most unique botanical spaces, 21st century sculptures, a restaurant hanging from the heights and, above all, it has its super trees.

These enormously tall artificial trees, up to 50 meters, actually behave like natural species. It is true that they are made of materials such as concrete, steel or glass, but among their equipment they include large photovoltaic panels that, in some way, allow them to carry out a photosynthesis process similar to that of other trees. And for what? Now we tell you.

The Gardens by the Bay Show

Gardens by the Bay’s Super Trees are said to work during the day, in full sun. And after those hours of work, at night, they can look amazing in a unique audiovisual show called Gardens Rhapsody.

Thanks to the solar panels they accumulate energy so that every night, shortly after sunset, this unparalleled show takes place, which, by the way, you can attend for free.


The trees project lights and lighting effects to the rhythm of different music. Thus, somehow, the attendees of the show, both sitting on the grass and on the famous OCBC Skyway platform, end up being integrated into it.

payment areas

This OCBC Skyway platform is a skyway routed between several supertrees, so it provides the feeling of being a peculiar Tarzan of the 21st century. And, of course, its short driveway fills up with people at the time of the nightly show. That is why it is a payment area.

It is not the only one within the Gardens by the Bay. The two large botanical gardens are also paid, which are the heart of this complex. These are the Flowers Dome and the Cloud Forest. It is true that you have to pay, but believe us when we tell you that they are two of the places that you have to visit almost as a must in Singapore.

The Flowers Dome

The Flowers Dome or Cupola de las Flores, has only two things in common with the great dome of the Florence Duomo: its great size and the evocation of its name. Although, the dome that we find in the Gardens by the Bay houses in its interior an incredible repertoire of flowers that allows us to tour gardens around the world.

The Cloud Forest

And the other very unique and paid botanical space of Gardens by the Bay is The Cloud Forest or the Cloud Forest. A name that already tells us what awaits us inside, since is about a humid, lush and misty forest typical of certain tropical areas. By the way, have you seen Avatar? Well, here you will feel like inside that fantasy movie.

The Gardens by the Bay from above

The Gardens by the Bay night show, as we have already said, can be enjoyed from inside the garden itself. But, if you spend several nights in Singapore, you also have to see it from above. For that, nothing better than going up to the terrace of the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel and contemplate all that incredible set of lights and music.

More attractions in the garden

The truth is that the supertrees, day and night, are the great references of the Gardens by the Bay. But there are more reasons to visit this fanciful area of ​​Singapore. We refer, for example, to the Indochine restaurantopen and raised in the central magical tree.

And likewise, We invite you to see the amazing sculpture of a gigantic floating baby, called Planet, that there is on the vegetation of The Meadow area. Not to mention the walks around the two lakes of the complex. In short, if you travel to Singapore, no one should miss the magic that Gardens by the Bay hides.

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