The Maiden’s Tower and the Galata Tower in Istanbul

A trip to Istanbul is always a trip to the past. In the Turkish city, historical monuments abound, of enormous artistic beauty, such as the Maiden’s Tower and the Galata Tower. These monuments tell us about a city that throughout the centuries has been Byzantium, Constantinople and now Istanbul. A walk through some of the most important moments of humanity.

Reasons for a trip to Istanbul

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The reasons to prepare a trip to Istanbul are many. Its extraordinary food is attractive. It is also a real pleasure to enter its famous Turkish baths. Undoubtedly, any walk through the city has an exotic atmosphere of the most inspiring.


Istanbul is also the only city on the planet that allows us to visit two continents at the same time: Asia and Europe.

However, the great reason to travel to Istanbul is the richness of its historical and artistic heritage. Its fairy-tale mosques, its palaces full of jewels and secrets, its bazaars where you lose your mind and the money in your wallet…

There is much that can be said about the heritage of this wonderful Turkish city. But today we focus on its two most emblematic towers: the Maiden’s Tower and the Galata Tower.

The Maiden’s Tower

Maiden’s Tower

The Maiden’s Tower is one of the most historic buildings in Istanbul. And that is a lot to say. And not only is it one of the oldest, it is also one of the most unique due to its location, as it is located on a small islet just at the southern end of the Bosphorus Strait.

In that location is actually its reason for being. Serves as a beacon for maritime traffic through that area that joins the Sea of ​​Marmara to the south and the Black Sea to the north. But it has not always been a beacon.

Originally, back in the 5th century before Christ a wooden building was built here to serve as a customs post for merchants traveling on the Bosphorus. And later it would be transformed into a fortress, in fact, you can still see its old walls in the form of archaeological remains.

the legend of the maiden

Maiden’s Tower – michael clarke stuff /

It follows that we are talking about a space that can tell us the whole history of Istanbul. The Greeks, the Byzantines, the Ottomans, the Venetians have all passed through here… It is the best kind of history about the city.

But it is also a place of legend. That is why it owes its name of Maiden’s Tower. It is said that an ottoman king was predicted that his most beloved daughter would die when he turned 18 due to a snake attack. So, to protect her, he took her to this tower surrounded by water. Only he visited her there.

But the appointed date arrived, and to celebrate that she was alive, he brought her a large basket of fruit. However, she did not realize that he had hidden a small viper which, of course, bit the girl and killed her.

The Maiden’s Tower today

Today, the tower, in addition to being a lighthouse, is a charismatic image of the Bosphorus at the height of Istanbul. A site that is visitable. It even has a cafe and restaurant inside that boasts fantastic views of the city.

Galata Tower

Galata Tower

The second monument in Istanbul that we want to talk about is the Galata Tower. It is located on the European edge of the city. It is also a very old construction, since initially built in the 5th century.

Nevertheless, its current appearance is the work of the fourteenth century. It was at that time that the Genoese merchants settled in the city built it.

When you visit, you understand its existence, since It has a privileged panoramic view of all the maritime traffic in the area. In fact, it is on a hill, and there it still rises 61 meters more. It is an imposing circular tower with wide walls almost 4 meters thick at its lowest point.

Visit to the Galata Tower

You cannot miss this visit. And much better if you combine it by getting there on the Tünel funicular, which starts from the Galata Bridge. In addition, it is a site that not only offers a panoramic balcony. Also it is traditional to go to their dinners with shows. Without a doubt, an inexcusable appointment on your next trip to Istanbul.

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