The Marina Bay Sands Hotel: A Beautiful Sunset View

The Marina Bay Sands hotel has become the great symbol of Singapore. This is due to its futuristic design, the price of its rooms, the various facilities inside and its famous rooftop pool. But, above all, it is because it is a building to be seen and to enjoy the views it offers. A tourist attraction that no one can miss in Singapore.

The Marina Bay Sands hotel and its unmistakable silhouette

As we say, enjoying the panoramic view offered from the highest point of the Marina Bay Sands is an essential attraction in Singapore. But before you get up there, you have to admire the modern building from the outside.

The construction consists of 3 towers, each with 55 floors. They are independent towers, but between the three of them they support a gigantic platform 340 meters long. It is the famous Sands Skypark, where the infinity pool of the hotel is located and also a restaurant and a cafeteria that can be accessed to see the views.

climb for sunset

The vast majority of travelers who go up to the Skypark choose the moment of dusk to enjoy impressive views from the 200-meter-high viewpoint. Definitely, it is fantastic to see from there the effects of light in the sky and on the waters of the bay.

And, likewise, It is of enormous visual impact to see how the rest of Singapore’s skyscrapers light up. Or also enjoy from the heights of the shows of the Gardens by the Bay.

It is a real joy to enjoy these views and one can take a thousand and one photographs in a short time. But we want to warn you that the viewpoints of both the Cé La Vi Skybar café and the Spago by Wolfgang Puck will be crowded. Thus, you have to upload with time to save the site.


It is important that you do not forget to wear a coat, because when the sun sets, up there, 200 meters above the sea, it is always a bit chilly due to the humidity.

The pool at the Marina Bay Sands hotel

Another way to see these magnificent views is by taking a dip in the hotel’s famous infinity pool. But that luxury is only reserved for hotel guestseach of which has its keys coded to be able to access that privileged space.

And we already warned you that It’s not cheap to stay in one of the 2,560 rooms at the Marina Bay Sands. However, to enjoy that pool it is always a good idea to stay there one night.

The feeling of bathing in its large 150 meter swimming pool on the 57th floor of the hotel and seeing the skyline Singaporean is a memory for life. Also, it can be done during the day and early evening, so there is no better way to watch the sunset from the Marina Bay Sands than being soaked in this pool, whose maximum depth is 120 centimeters.

Much more than a panorama

It is true that the views of the Marina Bay Sands are memorable, and the best are towards the bay. Even in the range of standard rooms, those facing there are a bit more expensive. However, in addition to those unforgettable panoramas, the hotel has many other attractions.

From a first glance at its lobby it already impresses us. But then, inside the whole complex, A shopping center with the most famous and expensive stores awaits us, in addition to numerous prestigious restaurants. Also in the hotel itself there is a casino that has become one of the great competitions of those from Macao.

And also forming part of the Marina Bay Sands is a great convention center. And even there is a museum of Art and Science, with a curious shape of a lotus flowerwhich is integrated into this emblematic set of Singapore.

However, it is undeniable that of all that the Marina Bay Sands offers the most famous and demanded are his views of this rich city-state. An attraction in the heights whose popularity already competes with other famous viewpoints in the world, such as the terrace of the Empire State Building in New York or the top floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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