The Marques de Pombal square, one of the most important squares in Lisbon

The Marques de Pombal square is the center of modern Lisbon. It is known by Lisbon people as the Rotunda and is located in the financial district. It is therefore one of the busiest and most characteristic spaces in the capital of Portugal, making it a must-see. Do you dare to know more about her? We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Buildings and monuments of the Marquis of Pombal square

Monument to the Marquis of Pombal – HildaWeges Photography

In the center of the square there is a monument to the Marquis of Pombalwho was governor of Lisbon between 1750 and 1777. The base on which the sculpture sits has various allegorical images that represent the reforms (educational, political and agricultural) carried out by the despotic statesman.

In the monument there are other elements, such as a lion, a symbol of power, on which the Marquis rests one of his hands. There are also several figures representing the University of Coimbra, where the governor created a science faculty; as well as broken stones and waves that have to do with the earthquake that occurred in 1755.

As for the surrounding buildings, Marqués de Pombal square is bordered by corporate headquarters of important companies, by the main banks in Portugal and by hotels of the most important chains. This, added to the tranquility of the square, make it a good area to stay.

Other information about the square

Marquis of Pombal Square – Stefano_Valeri /

Getting to the place is very simple, since it is located in the heart of the city and it is perfectly communicated with the rest of the capital. Even so, those who are far from the square and have to use public transport can follow the yellow and blue metro lines and stop at the Marqués de Pombal station.

On the other hand, Marqués de Pombal square has been the scene of numerous events of importance and interestamong which the proclamation of the Portuguese Republic on October 5, 1910 stands out. Fans of the Benfica and Sporting football clubs also gather there to celebrate their team’s victories.

Surroundings of the Marquis of Pombal square

Restauradores Square – Pigprox

The Marqués de Pombal square is located next to the Eduardo VII park, the largest in all of Lisbon. In its twenty-five hectares of extension you can find numerous points of interest, such as the Estufa Fría, a botanical garden with exotic plants, streams or waterfalls; and the Quente Stove, which has species of tropical climate.

On the other side of the Plaza del Marqués de Pombal is Avenida da Liberdade, which is similar in style to the Champs Elysées in Paris. It could be said that it is the quintessential luxury area of ​​the Portuguese capital, since it is full of exclusive shops and five-star hotels.

Said avenue starts from the Plaza de Restauradoresin whose center you can see a large obelisk that refers to an event of great importance in the history of Portugal: the independence achieved by the restorers in 1640. Regarding the buildings that delimit it, there are the Eden Theater or the Foz Palace .


“It could well be that Lisbon, contrary to what it seemed, was not a city, but a woman, and the perdition was only love, if the restrictive adverb has a place here, if that is not the only and happy perdition.”

-Jose Saramago-

More places of interest

Santa Justa Elevator – Picturist90

Precisely, the Restauradores square marks the beginning of the Baixa, the most central and commercial district of Lisbon. In it you can also visit Rossio Square, the most lively in the city; the Plaza de Figueira, with good views and atmosphere; and the Plaza del Comercio, one of the most important.

For those who want to see all this from above, you can use the famous Santa Justa Elevatorone of the biggest tourist attractions in Lisbon that also connects the Baixa with the Chiado neighborhood.

Built at the beginning of the 20th century, measures forty-five meters and at the top there is a terrace where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city. Even more so if you visit during sunset.

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