The Meiji Mingu Shrine, a Tokyo temple to discover

One of the most emblematic religious constructions to visit in Japan is the famous Meiji-Jingu Shrine.

Japan is a tourist destination that offers a wide variety of incentives so that tourists can enjoy satisfactory vacations at all times, discovering green areas, large commercial areas and also different sanctuaries that usually attract visitors.

The Meiji-Jingu Shrine is one of the religious buildings of reference in JapanThe Meiji Jingu Shrine It is a place of reference that is very worth knowing, one of the reference places of worship for many Japanese, who visit it throughout the year.

It is a good, very pleasant experience and before entering the visitor must go through the forest nearby, a really nice walk. Emperor Meiji ruled Japan throughout the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. It is because of his good governance that the Japanese people hold him so dear.

Knowing the sanctuary

It is located in the famous Shibuya Yoyogi Park, one of the emblematic sites to take into account. Thanks to the recognition that the Japanese wanted to give this emperor, the sanctuary was built, to always keep him in mind. It is therefore a fairly recent temple since construction was completed at the end of the 20th century, although part of this complex was inaugurated in 1920.

There is a building inside sanctuary where music and dance are very present. In addition, sometimes weddings are usually organized inside this sanctuary. It is possibly one of the most important japan shinto worshipso it must be taken into account when making a complete trip through Japan.

During the week you can visit this site in Tokyo, for a price of about 500 yen, equivalent to about 3.85 euros, so it is a good opportunity to enjoy its interior and a suggestive experience. A visit can be made throughout the week until 4:30 p.m.

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