The Mona Lisa: one of the most emblematic works in the world

Who hasn’t heard of The Mona Lisa? Few, very few works of art throughout history have the fame that this painting by Leonardo da Vinci has.. But also very few of them keep so many mysteries, secrets and legends. We are going to talk about all this and where you can see it below.

Where is it The Mona Lisa?

Let’s start by locating the box The Mona Lisawhich you will also find named as Mona Lisa. The painting by the Italian painter is in Paris, more specifically, It is one of the great works of art that are exhibited in the great Louvre Museum, on the banks of the Seine river.

But it hasn’t always been there. Evidently, Leonardo painted it in Italy between 1503 and 1506 on behalf of a Florentine merchant.. However, when the painter left the Tuscan capital and went to Milan to create works such as his famous Last Supperalso took the portrait of The Mona Lisa with the.

And even later, when he emigrated to France to work under the Gallic king and stay temporarily in one of the most elegant castles of the Loire, he would also take the painting with him.

In fact, the king himself, Francisco I would end up dazzled by the beauty of the image and bought the painting from the artist. That is the reason why it ended up in the French royal collections and from there it ended up exhibited in the Louvre. Although, it is said that before that it came to occupy the bedroom of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Mona Lisa stolen and more events

The story of The Mona Lisa it does not end with his arrival in the halls of the Louvre. On the contrary, there the myth of him is increasing. First, because in 1911 a museum worker stole it, carrying it under his arm. For more than two years she remained unaccounted for. Finally, she was found in Florence, the capital of the Renaissance that had seen her born.

when you visit The Mona Lisayou will discover that is extraordinarily protected by a super resistant glass urn resistant to almost any attack. The reason is not only to prevent new thefts.

They also want to prevent aggression, since over the years the painting has been the subject of various blows and they have thrown liquids at him. Today that is impossible. Actually, it is almost impossible to admire it, since there is always a large group of people milling around the oil painting, preventing a totally pleasant contemplation.

Who is Gioconda?

The category of myth that has reached the picture of The Mona Lisa has made everything questionable. For this reason, there are countless legends about it, from how Leonardo painted it to who owned it. And, above all, who is the woman portrayed.

The most widespread theory, and on the other hand the most logical and plausible, is that it was Monna Lisa, that is, the Madonna Lisa. This was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, a character who would order the painting from da Vinci. And that would be the best explanation for the two names on the portrait. In fact, this is how Giorgio Vasari, a painter and biographer of the great Renaissance artists, tells it.

Other interpretations of The Mona Lisa

However, always the question arises as to why Leonardo did not deliver the portrait and carried it with him at all times. Did she like her that much? Or is there another explanation? This is where different theories have emerged.

One of these hypotheses says that it is a self-portrait of the artist disguised as a woman and without a beard.. Comparative tests made digitally between his well-known self-portraits give many coincidences. Furthermore, Leonardo’s homosexuality could have motivated him to do this experiment as a transvestite.

Also there are scholars who say that it was the secret portrait he made of one of the lovers of the powerful Giuliano de Medicis. Or it is said that he does not portray anyone in particular and that it was a job that he did for his own satisfaction, painting half the picture with his right hand and the other half with his left. Leonardo was ambidextrous and that could explain his enigmatic smile or the two heights of the horizon.

However, it’s all speculation., something that only the greatest works of art are capable of provoking. And no one can doubt that the box The Mona Lisa it is.

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