The Moringa: the tree that purifies water.


Moringa is cultivated by rural Zimbabwean communities who eat its green leaves raw or cooked and use the powder from the dried leaves to boost the immune system.

However, after the threat of a new cholera epidemic, researchers in Africa have discovered that powder obtained from the seeds of the moringa tree reduces up to 90 percent of bacteria in water.

Some experts from the Bulauayo University of Science and Technology in southern Zimbabwe want to purify the water from small rural dams with the help of moringa so that the water can be used for human consumption. According to the UN, the majority of the population of this country does not have access to water sources with sanitary guarantees, which is why they are preparing for a possible cholera epidemic.

The water purification process is simple and straightforward. The seeds are extracted, ground, the powder is mixed with water and filtered with a cloth before using it.

As you may have noticed, the procedure is very simple and practical to do. If this technique of purifying water were used in many countries, it would bring many economic and environmental benefits for everyone.

Source: EFE Agency